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by Susan Garrett (See other books by author)

Publisher: Susan Garrett
2007 DVD
Item: DTA287

Summary: Crate Games by Susan Garrett is designed for puppies as young as 9 weeks as well as older dogs. This DVD provides step-by-step instruction and is the cornerstone of her amazingly successful dog and puppy training program, which is now being implemented in dog training schools all over the world.

Price: $29.95 Add this item to my cart.

Expanded Description:

Featuring puppies as young as 9 weeks and dogs much older, "Crate Games" gives step-by-step instruction.

Allows anyone to produce:
* Focus and motivation for work
* A dog that can relax in his crate even while you work another dog
* A phenomenal sit stay
* A speedy and dependable recall
* Distance skills for obedience or agility
* Self- rather then imposed-control
* A remarkable working relationship
* Confidence while being proofed during any tough distraction
* A dog that keenly offers responses when being shaped
* ...and much more!

See why the cornerstone of Susan Garrett’s amazingly successful dog training program is now being implemented in training schools all over the world!

What reviewers are saying...

“Acclaimed Canadian dog trainer and accomplished agility competitor Susan Garrett has given us the best thing since the creation of crates and Kongs. Crate Games proves that crates need not be limited to their historical roles in housetraining and management. Rather, crates can fulfill their real potential as opportunities for reinforcement. Very affordably priced, this 85-minute DVD should be a stocking stuffer for every new puppy owner. The “self control and motivation” part of the DVD’s title captures the essence of Garrett’s message. By shaping a dog’s desire to go into the crate and not come out until verbally released, owners hone their training skills in applying clear criterion to a training exercise while the dog practices self control. Practiced according to the rules of Crate Games, owners produce a dog who is also quite motivated to get back into the crate. From an agility trainer’s perspective it is the combination of self control and motivation that makes this DVD a winner. Garrett believes that a team’s ability to master the various elements outlined in Crate Games is a strong predictor of that team’s ability to adhere to criterion for two-on-two-off contact obstacle performance. If that’s not motivation enough for an agility trainer, I don’t know what is! Garrett starts by listing 20 benefits to training Crate Games. About half apply to pet owners and the other half focus on performance dogs. The DVD is broken into four main stages of training: Stage 1, I Love My Crate: Covers the basics of reinforcing the dog for being in the crate Stage 2, Are You a Gambler?: Presents the dog with choices in order to reinforce correct choices and give feedback about incorrect ones. Stage 3, Yer Out – Yer In: Tests the dog’s love of the crate by releasing him from the crate and waiting to see if he will go back in. Stage 4, Scholarly Elements: Covers adding a cue, adding distance, how to use the crate to do motivational recalls, adding distractions, and how to apply the lessons learned to other situations (e.g., agility start lines). My only criticism with Crate Games was that the only footage dedicated to shaping a dog to go into the crate initially was buried way back in the Troubleshooting section under the chapter about overcoming fear. The only reference to it didn’t come until the very end of the DVD. Demonstrating the shaping process in an earlier section would avoid people pushing and prodding their dogs, and would help them learn about the art of shaping, the core training technique used in the DVD. The theme of Crate Games is training should create “value” for what you are teaching and good training provides the dog choices. The tone is upbeat throughout and it’s clear from the great variety and number of dogs used to demonstrate the concepts that the dogs are having a great time. Whether someone is an agility trainer looking for fun ways to create self control as well as build drive (yes, it can be done!) or a pet owner looking to train a dog to willingly go into their crate at bedtime, Crate Games delivers.” Terry Long

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Customer Reviews
Average Customer Ranking:
Write a review for this product!
I'm excited!!!, December 3, 2007
Reviewer: Penny Mead, Australia
I have just spent a very very enjoyable first hour doing 'Crate Games' with both my Border Terriers. I was working both simultaneously, in different rooms, just going from one to the other, which worked out really well.

So, Jerry who has never done any crate games in her life (yes I am shame-faced when I say this, especially since she hates the crate too) was a little mega-star!!! She jumps back into a sit as soon as I grab the latch, in fact I wonder how she got that so fast??? I have done a lot of distance control stuff in obedience with her so she is really good at going from a down into a sit so maybe it just clicked with her?? Well anyway, she does that bit like a pro and was so good working through all the gambling steps, lead on and off, with a few little mistakes along the way, but boy they learn fast when they are making all the choices for themselves. And she had three goes at Yer Out, Yer In during the session and she was amazing, little miss crate-hater couldn't drive back in quickly enough!!! So that was great fun.

And little Callum, who had his first few crate games sessions with Susan Garrett herself, but who has since had to deal with me not maintaining criteria (again very shame-faced) well he was a super-star too. So even though I have been very sloppy, he didn't forget a thing!!!

The DVD is brilliant, so clear and step-by-step, I know exactly where we are up to and when we are ready to progress. This is the basis of so much of the great stuff we do with our dogs and I am really excited!!! So I just had to share ....
I LOVE THIS DVD, December 15, 2007
Reviewer: Linda
If there is a 5++ paw rating, this DVD deserves it. Susan Garrett, who I've seen twice now in seminars, does a smashing job with this DVD. If you want to teach your dog self control, this video would be a great choice to get the job done.
Simple, useful training to enjoy the crate, January 8, 2008
Reviewer: Jessica F
This video is clear and concise, but could have included more 'help'. I wish she had a section 'what to do if...?'

For instance, my giant schnauzer refuses to sit in his crate (probably because his head touches the top.) I finally worked the crate games with him, once I stopped requiring him to sit up when I touched the crate door.

Also, I have a 12-wk. puppy who will sit and wait for treats in her crate, but the second I leave her sight she starts whining. The suggestion to cover the crate seems to be geared for older dogs.

Neither of my dogs is crate 'motivated' yet, but at least the older one understands that self-control gets him what he wants. The puppy still needs a lot of work.

The DVD doesn't cover how to phase out the dog treats. My dogs respond well to food but if I don't have a treat in my hand, they won't enter their crates.
Motivation Plus !, January 20, 2008
Reviewer: Barb Mattson
Susan Garrett delivers! The professional DVD is smooth and delightful to watch... but not too stuffy. I will be proud to recommend this to all dog owners, who have issues in any area.

Perhaps one suggestion, this might be too much for a young puppy or shy dog who has not been properly socialized up to now. It is possible that beginners might need to read 'Taking Care of Puppy Business' by Leslie Nelson or 'Before & After Getting Your Puppy' by Ian Dunbar for example. Then you will be set to absorb all that Susan Garrett is rolling out to you and your dog.

I would love to see Susan Garrett go on to make another DVD with more of her wonderful training methods ! Thank you Susan!
Simple and effective, January 22, 2008
Reviewer: Bridget M
I really enjoyed this DVD. The idea is simple, but so useful! She presents it in a logical, thorough and highly enjoyable way. The method could be easily transfered to another object if you wanted to (as she describes). Highly recommend it for anyone that likes using their crates or wants to work on their dogs drive and enthusiasm!
Wow!!!, January 22, 2008
Reviewer: Shannon Rickett
What fun. This DVD is very easy to watch and very informative. Susan Garret makes a logical progression from teaching the skills to translating those skills to agility and living with your dog. I would recommend this DVD to any of my friends.
If You Use a Crate, You Need this DVD, February 16, 2008
Reviewer: Stephanie
This is an excellent DVD and I highly recommend it. It was presented clearly in step-by-step instructions and provided a troubleshooting section at the end leaving me without any questions.

What I liked best about this DVD:
- Organized very well with clear steps
- Trainer stressed not luring the dog and how to add value to the crate
- Trainer gave examples on how to use with x-pens, dog beds, or in areas around the house
Must watch for any dog owner!, December 29, 2008
Reviewer: E Spencer
This DVD is the best source of crate training for any pet owner. I teach it to my obedience students and recommend it to all my agility friends. It has made crate training so much fun for my past 2 dogs and given me a great outlet to start working impulse control with puppies as young as 8 weeks old!! My puppy adored working through this DVD and I highly recommend it to any new dog owner, crate training will make your dog happy and your life easier!!! This is definitely in my top 5 DVD list!
One of the best I've seen in a while, March 18, 2010
Reviewer: Dana E.
Loved this DVD! It is sectioned off in the menu so that you can view what you want to which is great. The quality was great which is something you don't always see in training DVDs. The work is easy enough and is broken down into very clear instructions that is easy for anyone working with dogs to understand. I loved how she explained how to transfer the rules of the crate to other things like a bed or an exercise pen, even how to use it to get your dogs to behave at the door. This DVD is very useful, it is inexpensive and is definitely a good buy. It doesn't break the bank and is loaded with info.
Learn Transferable Skills and SAFETY too!, July 10, 2010
Reviewer: Kirbyjakobs
I ordered Crate Games after hearing an agility instructor of mine rave about it. I have to admit I was skeptical as I have a couple dogs that truly HATE the crate. I watched it in sections, worked with each dog individually, then watched that section again to fine tune it. My dogs really got the hang of it quickly. My dogs enjoyed it soo much that I now have to work with one of them with another section of the dvd -- how to stop barking in a crate. He gets sooo very excited with the game aspect of the training that he sing barks to me when we train!

But despite the fun and easiness of this training, what I appreciate the most about this dvd is the element of safety -- whether at an agility trial, or just getting the dogs in and out of the car, they learn in this game to sit and wait quietly until you release them, giving you time to snap a leash etc. While this training initially starts in a crate, she shows you how to transfer any crate skills to other areas (doors, cars, etc.) I've tried doing this before with some success, but never have my dogs had so much fun doing an exercise -- and doing an exercise that can also save their life is of course even more worthwhile.

Did I mention they actually lined up on the other side of the baby gate, waiting for their turn to PLAY CRATE GAMES? I can't recommend this one enough.
Brilliant, March 5, 2011
Reviewer: Trudie
This is the ultimate useful dvd. If I could recommend one dvd it would be this one. No matter what the age of the dog, or level of experience handler. Seeing the work visually on the dvd is far more effective than working from a book.
As Susan Garrett points out, ultimately a response chosen by the dog will always be stronger than a response continually provided by you! Make this build value for focus on you in all your recall work, your start line stay, and the fun you have as a team with your dog.
Best place to start!, March 14, 2013
Reviewer: LeslyT
For the novice to experienced trainer, this is the best way to start training with any dog. This DVD will help you to harness your dog's drive, build drive, and get a dog with excellent impulse control - a must for a good family dog or a competion dog. Watch the DVD a few times - make some notes so you don't forget the levels, then set aside 45-60 minutes for your first training session and watch the magic start!
Crate Games, June 12, 2017
Reviewer: Cheri Spaulding
Susan Garrett gives clear, step by step instructions on how to train your dog on crate manners, no charging out of the crate when the crate door opens. This is important for everyone whose dog uses the crate! Along with that she gives good tips, teaching blind sit stays and recall to name a couple. Using these guidelines will help your dog understand and enjoy hanging out in his crate. I highly recommend this DVD.

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