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by Turid Rugaas (See other books by author)

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
2006 Paperback , 78 pages
ISBN: 9781929242368
Item: DTB527

Summary: Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas taught the world that humans can not only learn to read canine body language but to use their own body language to communicate with dogs. One of the most influential books on dog behavior and body language today.

Price: $12.95 Add this item to my cart.

Expanded Description:

Your dog is talking. Do you know what he is saying?

Yawning, lip-licking, sneezing, even scratching are just a few of the 30-plus signals that dogs use to communicate with one another. With On Talking Terms With Dogs you can learn to recognize these signals and use them yourself to interact with your dog.

Norwegian dog trainer and behaviorist Turid Rugaas has made it her life work to study canine social interaction. She coined the phrase “calming signals” to describe the social skills, sometimes referred to as body language, that dogs use to avoid conflict, invite play, and communicate a wide range of information to other dogs — and also humans.

Every dog needs his human to read this book!
• Learn to identify situations that are stressful to your dog so that you can resolve or avoid them.
• Rehabilitate a dog that has lost her ability to read or give calming signals.
• Become a keen observer of canine behavior at home, in the community, and among dogs to get better behavior and build a solid relationship.

Experts praise Turid’s work
Invaluable! The insightful observations of Turid Rugaas can help all of us have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our dogs. This beautifully illustrated book belongs in the home of dog lovers everywhere.
Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. author, The Other End of the Leash, Cautious Canine, Feeling Outnumbered and more

I personally owe Turid a great debt because her work validated my observations that dogs are trying very hard to ‘talk’ to us. This book was my guide and added amazing volume to my knowledge base. Her book provided the confidence to continue watching and interpreting. What a lovely gift!
Brenda Aloff author of Aggression In Dogs and Canine Body Language, A Photographic Guide

This new revised edition is a “must have!” Even if you own the previous edition the photos and examples along with the writing are worth it. Turid has a wonderful gift of making everything so easy to understand and relate to…(she has made) an enormous contribution to mankind in our ever-increasing knowledge of “man’s best friend”—our dogs.
Pamela Dennison, author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training and Bringing Light to Shadow. A Dog Trainer’s Diary

Turid Rugaas lives in Geithus, Norway and is also the author of My Dog Pulls What Do I Do? and the DVD counterpart to this book, Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You. She has studied canine social behavior for over 30 years and written and lectured on the subject throughout the world.

Click here to view an excerpt.

What reviewers are saying...

This little book by Norwegian trainer and behaviorist Turid Rugaas provides a dog-to-human dictionary of canine body language. Through years of observation, Rugaas has identified gestures and movements that dogs use to signal to other dogs-- and humans –that they have peaceful intentions. They also use calming signals when they are stressed. These signals include yawning, sniffing the ground, licking the nose, and looking away, to name a few… In perhaps the biggest improvement in the second edition, the calming signals are now presented in full-color photographs, rather than the somewhat crude line drawings that illustrated the first. If you have read the first edition, consider buying and reading the second: Unless you’re an expert on calming signals, the photographs and new text will surely be illuminating.

On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by international dog trainer and behaviorist Turid Rugaas is a truly "user-friendly" guide to understanding and communicating with your dog. Introducing its readers to many conceptual tactics and subtle tendencies which might imply the dog's desires, On Talking Terms With Dogs is an invaluable reference for dog owners who truly wish to help their friend to an ultimate happiness. On Talking Terms With Dogs is very strongly recommended to all dog owners, especially those highly devoted and owners of multiple canine companions. James A. Cox

Some books make you think, and this little book by Rugaas does just that. It gives an interpretation of body language of dogs. More specifically, body language dogs use with each other and with us to calm down a situation. It’s an enjoyable read that can be accomplished in an hour on a Sunday morning. It helped me better understand some of the point-costing behaviors my dogs produce in the obedience ring… If you deal with dogs in stressful situations, or even just want to understand your dog’s behavior better, I think you would find this book helpful and enlightening. Marlene Parish

When trying to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language it is natural to resort to gestures and to pay close attention to general body movements. It is the same principal that guides our understanding of basic dog language. Turid Rugaas has spent much of her life working with dogs. Through her studies and sensitive approach she has been able to achieve a rapport that is based on mutual respect. She states, “if you want your dog to respect you, you must also respect your dog.” Through this foundation, she has established a level of communication that is attainable for dog lovers everywhere. Dogs provide many signals during their interaction with each other – by paying attention to these signals and their desired effects, we can all learn to better relate to our canine friends. Through the simple-to-follow lessons in this book, you will learn to recognize common dog signals such as turning away, licking the nose and softening their eyes, and how to properly respond to those signals. Simple directions accompany the colour photographs that fill this slim book and provide a wonderful starting point for a new level of understanding. Easy to read, and filled with clear photographs and interesting case histories, this is a book that will benefit every dog lover. Terry Peters

"Dogs are masters at interpreting our body language, now we have the opportunity to learn to interpret their body language. Turid Rugaas has a made a serious study of the way dogs interact with each other. The owner of a dog training school in Norway, Rugaas lectures worldwide. Her observations were set down in the first edition of this acclaimed book. This new second edition leaves the line drawings behind in favor of beautiful color photos. Rugaas, who has found over 30 of these canine interactions gives us, in a sense, the Berlitz of dog books. This book deserves to be in the home of every dog owner, to be read and reread." Darlene Arden

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Customer Reviews
Average Customer Ranking:
Write a review for this product!
WOW, May 20, 2003
Reviewer: Jennifer Weiss
What a wonderful book by an incredibly intuitive author. It is short, easy to read and contains descriptive details about the signals that dogs send to each other and to humans. I immediately purchased the video so I could see the described behaviors in action. This book has opened up a new world for me. By observing these behaviors in my dogs, I am getting to know them better and learning to communicate with them in their language.
Great!, September 23, 2005
Reviewer: Roxane
This book was great, it really openned my eyes about signals my dogs send, and how to interpret dogs, I truly loved it! Congrats for this great book!
What a help!, September 29, 2005
Reviewer: Ann Hamilton
My puppy Rott had a real problem with obsesive licking and ingesting of inappropriate objects! Nothing seemed to help. Now after reading this book, Ulysses and I understand each other much better and I can help him with his nerves. A woman at training class even asked me how I keep my dog so calm. I immediately pulled out my copy of the book. These techniques have been a real lifesaver. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
All new! Affordable option to Canine Body Language, April 11, 2006
Reviewer: Tami Hawes
The first edition was revolutionary but the 2nd takes it to a whole new level. This booklet has been totally revamped. More Calming Signals are explained/explored and with full color photos too. This is a must have for every dog owner and at a great affordable price. Dog trainers should be handing these out to their clients so that more people can understand what their dogs are communicating with them and other dogs.

So even if you already have a copy of the first edition, you're going to want this one too! It's better!

It will be great to 'talk' with Turid about this new edition when she joins us for another one of her whirlwind visits at YahooGroup CSDogBookReview April 18-21, 2006.

If you thought you'd like Brenda Aloff's Canine Body Language but the $39 price tag was scaring you, get this booklet!
INCREDIBLE, July 12, 2006
Reviewer: Pam Dennison
I personally think Turid should win the Nobel Peace Prize for the tireless work she has done with dogs and how many lives she has changed for the better.

Her new edition is chock full of fantastic pictures and wonderful teachings. If only it were required reading for every puppy buyer, I bet very few dogs would end up in rescue or with behavioral problems. My hat is always off to you Turid!
Great Technique, Not Great Language, July 13, 2006
Reviewer: A Walters
I love this book because of the techniques shared, but I'm giving it a 3 versus a 5 because it needs a good edit. The photographs are incredibly helpful in explaining the text and the techniques work beautifully, but the sentence structure is rough and several subjects are touched on but then inexplicably dropped (ie, it discusses that dogs can lose their signals but does not tell us how we can help them regain them, why this happens, etc).

But please take heart. If you can get through the choppy text, the quiet point of view and astounding techniques Turgid shares are extremely valuable in managing moderate dog misbehavior.
A Doggy Secret Decoder Ring!, August 2, 2006
Reviewer: Lori in Austin
This book is great for people who are baffled by interactions with their dogs or watching their dogs interact with other dogs. I imagine this booklet would be especially helpful for people who have a problem with shy/fearful dogs or dogs who appear to 'blow their owners off.'

Ms. Rugaas clearly explains the meaning behind dogs' actions. I found the book very enlightening. And it made me much more observant of my own dogs, particularly for signs they may feel uncomfortable or stressed. In fact, this is a book that benefited my dogs as much as it benefited me because now I am better able to be responsive to their needs since I can read them better.
Excellent and simple!, September 10, 2006
Reviewer: Nati
I thought the book was great, very short and easy to read and with really good information about dog body language. I personally would like to learn more about it in detail...but for an introduction is perfect! I think it's also really good to recommend to dog owners.
'Most Improved New Edition', October 27, 2006
Reviewer: Betsy & Biscuit
I was a fan of Turid Rugaas' first edition of this book, but I am so glad she and her publisher spruced it up and expanded it for the second, revised edition. Rugaas has a unique approach to dog behavior and training, and is exceptionally good at reading dogs' postures and 'mannerisms.' She stresses understanding your dog and meeting it where it is, so to speak, rather than driving yourself crazy by expecting your dog to be a pseudo-human. I went to one of the author's rare, small seminars this year (2006), and could tell that this book really encapsulates a lot of her 'worldview' about dogs. Definitely recommended -- enlightening and direct, and it might just change the way you think about your dog. Biscuit (German Shepherd) gives it five paws and a big WOOF!
Along with DVD Helpful to the Average Dog Owner, November 23, 2006
Reviewer: Joe Sullivan
This book and the companion DVD is a very helpful for the average dog owner. There brevity makes them more accessible than other products but frankly, I miss the detail that the competing products offer. Turid has a very gentle approach and clearly loves watching and working with dogs. However, she seems less comfortable in the role of an apostle bringing understanding of canine behavior to the masses.
Small but mighty, January 11, 2007
Reviewer: Lulu Clarke
If you own dogs, work with dogs, or simply are interested in dogs, this small book is must-read. It's not difficult to understand, and I found it to be a quick and fun read.

The pictures (which are bright, colorful, and well composed) illustrate beautifully how dogs communicate. I always thought that I had a pretty good handle on canine body language, but I've noticed that, after studying this book, it has become even easier for me to decipher what my dog is doing, along with other dogs (in group classes, parks, etc). The 'Case Histories' section is fascinating.

This book works almost like a foreign language dictionary-because dogs really do 'speak' in a different language.
Simply Brilliant, February 8, 2007
Reviewer: Colleen Lombardi
Turid Rugaas has patiently observed and photographed calming signals that dogs use. After reading this book, my ability to recognize and understand canine body language has dramatically increased. Now I effectively recognize when my dogs are stressed and understand that they are often trying to calm me down instead of being disobedient. My dogs and I thank Turrid Rugaas. This is an easy, enjoyable, educational and inspirational book to read! A must read!
Worth every dollar, February 15, 2007
Reviewer: Teayl Johnson
Turids' book and DVD are a must have for anyone that shares their home with a dog. After reading her book and watching her DVD you will have a new appreciation of your canine companion and what he has to 'say'. It really motivated me to pay attention to canine body language.
Insightful and instructive, February 22, 2007
Reviewer: Janet Jensen
From the first page this book was right on the mark. I have three dogs and it was uncanny to see the behaviors almost exactly as they are described in the book. The signals have also proven helpful in my interaction with them. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand and communicate with their dogs on a whole new level.
Fascinating, March 15, 2007
Reviewer: Adrienne Power
A well presented exploration of Canine Communication. Every dog owner can learn something from this book.
I love the fact that the book is slim and not at all complex. I also love the photos of Turid with her dogs and the apt attentive expression on their faces, where it is obvious from the photos that canine and human are communicating.

Because of this book I now know that some of my behaviour which seemed unthreatening to me makes my dog uncomfortable, e.g. like when I insist on taking his photo and he turns his head away.

This is an invaluable guide for life with a nervous pooch.
, April 17, 2007
Reviewer: C. Sanders
A very well written and well layed-out book. Lots of information and pictures. I would have liked a little more detail and I wished that the book was longer, but overall a great book for anyone with a dog.
Fabulous, April 30, 2007
Reviewer: Jennifer Saavedra-Martinez
This is a fascinating book FULL of great amazing information and the best is that it is concise & to the point. Effective writing without all of the fluff.

I found this incredibly essential in working with my dogs & I feel every dog owners should make ths purchase!!
Must Have for every dog owner and trainer!, June 20, 2007
Reviewer: Elizabeth Coburn
This book is very nicely put together so that not only professionals, but the everyday owner can learn more about what your dog is saying to you. The more people learn about the subtle signals a dog can give and what they mean, it can change that relationship into one much deeper.
excellent!, December 31, 2007
Reviewer: Stevie Mathre
It’s a short booklet, but Turid’s observations will change the way you watch your dog, and will give you lots of information about what he’s trying so hard to tell you. If the translation is sometimes awkward, or the words “not quite right” remember she’s trying to describe things few have paid attention to before. (Like going to a wine-tasting and not knowing the “wine words”.) Even so, she offers EXTREMELY helpful insight. Her observation skills are unequalled. Well worth the price.

I've been to her seminar as well, and seen the tapes. Money very well spent. She's the groundwork to which all other language research can refer to.
The Ultimate Book on Calming Signals, January 10, 2008
Reviewer: Cheryl Schaeffer
I was amazed at this book. It's so small but packed full of useful information. I learned quite a bit about how to recognize and utilize calming signals and it works! What a plus to anyone who works with dogs or anyone who owns a dog.

I highly recommend this book and noticed that many other authors recommend it too!
Practical, insightful and calming, January 17, 2008
Reviewer: Candy Holland
Communication is a fine art. We know that applies to communication between people. Well, with Turid's simple and practical explanations, see how well you could communicate with dogs. She presents her ideas so calmly in the DVD one would not get anxious applying the tips. The book and the DVD does a decent job illustrating her explanations under a variety of situations. And these resources are great fun to review again and again. All this for a very reasonable price. Thank you, Turid and Dogwise.
Very informative, May 1, 2008
Reviewer: Jordan Rothman
It's amazing how much information is packed into this tiny book. Very interesting and worth reading. It's one of those books you can read straight through, and will probably want to as well!
insightful, August 1, 2008
Reviewer: Stephanie Wesloh
This little gem should be read by anyone with a dog. Insight into reading canine emotions, and how to respond to them. So many top trainers recommend this book, and I don't disagree.
Get the DVD and the book as a set, August 9, 2008
Reviewer: Crystal Saling
I love Turid Rugaas, but alas I am the type of person who has to actually see it (or better yet, do it). On the flip side the DVD wasn't really useful to me all by itself either because Turid's accent is so thick. The two together are really the gem.
Very helpful, October 25, 2008
Reviewer: Nicky Carter
My clients love this little book. They find it very helpful to see a picture of dogs demonstrating a behavior. This book also helps to bust some of the myths out there about what dogs are trying to communicate with their body language.
wow, November 16, 2008
Reviewer: Kb
this book was great, it really makes the lame man understand where there dog is coming from and how to understand them. i loved it
I Love This Book, March 23, 2009
Reviewer: Marci Haw
I've recently started a clicker program at our local animal care and control agency to increase adoptability. This book has been instrumental in our handling of stressed dogs. The volunteers have been amazed at what they can now see, and have been impressed how much it has helped them with their own companion animals.

Thank you so much for publishing this book!
, May 29, 2009
Reviewer: Nick H
I found this to be one of the easiest to follow, understand and implement in terms of canine body language and behaviour. A short book but packed full of useful information.
Quick Read Packed With Useful Information, July 4, 2009
Reviewer: Angela Norton
This slim booklet is full of ways to signal your peaceful intentions to dogs. Excellent photos illustrate each calming signal. This book is a must-read for anyone who deals with stressed or nervous dogs on a regular basis. It's a quick read (I read it cover-to-cover on the bus home) and entirely worth it.
Great Read for Understanind Canine Body Language, June 3, 2010
Reviewer: Zonya Jacobs
The book is informative, concise and provides great insight into canine body language. Book is too short, which may or may not be a good thing since the book can be read quickly, but disappointing in that there isn't even more information.
Not the same old stuff, October 21, 2010
Reviewer: DogCatcher
If you feel like you've read everything there is to read about dogs and some of it twice, this book is for you. New ideas about how dogs communicate with each other don't come around often. We've seen it all. Or have we? The idea that dogs are having detailed conversations without words does not surprise us. Knowing how they do it and what they say, can. The beginnings of scientific advancement is hypothesis based on observation and this is a good one.
Best Dog Book EVER, April 21, 2011
Reviewer: Paula Nowak
This book is extremely informative and eye opening for so many dog owners. It's amazing how much we overlook dogs language when it is right in front of us. I'd recommend this book to every dog owner!
Excellent Book, April 24, 2011
Reviewer: Denise Adams
I love this book my dogs have been talking to me the entire time and I knew only a little. Thanks to this book I now have more knowledge and notice all the time well more often when they talking to me.
Much needed info., September 21, 2011
Reviewer: Dixie Sick
This book was suggested to me by a agility judge for me to understand why my dog was shutting down on the agility course. I needed to learn how and why he was using calming signals on the course. Great and easy reading. Explains a lot about why our dogs do what they do.
Excellent, February 22, 2012
Reviewer: Jody Freeland
This book is a must for everyone. Turid Rugaas talks about canine body language, specifically calming signals. These signals are important to use not only with your dog but any dog you meet. Dogs use calming signals all day long. They can be used to calm themselves down, calm you down, or calm a situation. I highly recommend this book.
An Eye-Opener, March 11, 2012
Reviewer: Amelia Looper
This little book packs a big punch. Turid describes body language used by dogs to stave off social conflicts. What's really shocking is when you notice how often your dog is sending you these same signals! It's a real gift to finally know how to recognize when your dog is uncomfortable. Like many others, I'd highly recommend taking a look at the companion DVD as well. There aren't a whole lot of visual examples of each signal in this small book, a gap the DVD more than makes up for.
amazing!, April 28, 2012
Reviewer: Active Canine
this book really made it all click. i have had the information in my toolbox for a long time but it wasnt until i read this book and started applying it to my daily life did i realize how powerful these tools really are. turid has an amazing gift in simplifying information for all to understand.
An Important Book, November 17, 2012
Reviewer: Martha Gonzalez
While I could complain about the short length of this book, I think it's length almost works in this books favor. It's brief but not a page is wasted. Calming signals are very important in dog behavior and this is an excellent, important introduction to them. I wish every dog owner would read this!
A MUST READ for anyone with dogs in their life, February 26, 2013
Reviewer: Don Hanson
SUGGESTED AUDIENCE: Anyone who interacts or wants to interact with dogs, on any level.

This book, while few in pages, and its author Turid Rugaas, have influenced my understanding of dogs more than any other book or seminar I have read or attended. This gentle, kind, woman is incredibly knowledgeable about canine behavior and ethology. She has taught me and many others how to live in harmony with our dogs by helping us to better understand what they are trying to tell us, and in turn she has taught us a better way to express ourselves to our dogs.

Full of photographs illustrating each point, On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals focuses on how dogs use specific body language to cutoff aggression and other perceived threats. Dogs use these calming signals to tell one another, and us, when they are feeling anxious and stressed. This book will help you learn 'dog language', for which you will be rewarded with a much better understanding of your pet and his behavior.

FAVORITE QUOTE: 'If you want your dog to respect you, you must also respect your dog. A good relationship is based on two-way communication, and living together in a well-balanced togetherness. Leadership does not solve anything; it only creates problems, in our lives as well as in the dogs' lives.'

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals should be required reading for everyone who has or aspires to work with or share their life with a dog.
Short but sweet, December 28, 2014
Reviewer: Michelle Knight
I read this book in barely a sitting (it's only 73 pages) but came away with a lot of information. The author not only explains what various signals are for and in what context they are used, but she includes pictures for those visual learners like myself so we can see examples.

Very good book and money well spent.
, September 3, 2015
Reviewer: Jennifer
I absolutely loved this book! Yes, there isn't a lot of pages but it was totally worth the read and price! It has helped me a lot with working with dogs, and communicating with my own dogs as well.
Great book on canine body language, February 6, 2017
Reviewer: Danae Knapp
This book is great for understanding canine body language. The pictures are clear and helpful. I see more dogs doing 'calming signals' than ever before. I have even tried a few on my own dog, and she notices!!

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