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by Jean Donaldson (See other books by author)

Publisher: James & Kenneth
2005 Paperback , 202 pages
ISBN: 1888047054
Item: DTB464

Summary: 2005 Expanded Edition! The book that has shaped modern thinking about canine behavior and the relationship between dogs and humans has been revised. Dogs are not humans. Dogs are clever and complex creatures that humans need to take the time to understand in order to live together successfully. You must read this book... because your dog sure can't!

Price: $17.95 Add this item to my cart.

Expanded Description:

A Dog World Top 12 Training and Behavior Book - 2010!

2005 Expanded Edition! The Culture Clash is special. Written in Jean's inimitably informal yet precise lecture style, the book races along on par with a good thriller. The Culture Clash depicts dogs as they really are - stripped of their Hollywood fluff, with their lovable 'can I eat it, chew it, urinate on it, what's in it for me' philosophy. Jean's tremendous affection for dogs shines through at all times, as does her keen insight into the dog's mind. Relentlessly, she champions the dog's point of view, always showing concern for their education and well being. Without a doubt, Jean's book is the hottest doggy item on the market.

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Customer Reviews
Average Customer Ranking:
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Highly recommended!!!, February 9, 2005
Reviewer: James O'Heare, Ph.D.
This is one of the best books I have ever read on understanding dogs. The sections on training bring you from beginning to advanced (unlike many books) and the parts that explain how dogs behave are ground-breaking. This book is a MUST READ if you love dogs!

James O'Heare, Ph.D.
#1 dog training and behavior book of all time!!!, March 27, 2003
Reviewer: Laura Rescoe
This is one book that I enjoy to read over and over again. Jean Donaldson really gets you thinking about the way dogs see the world while living with us humans. Absolutely everyone who owns a dog should read this book.
Laura Rescoe, Dog Trainer
ABSOLUTE MUST, August 19, 2003
Reviewer: Scott Ellis
Donaldson has essentially written a textbook for understanding our dogs. From her views as dominance being nothing more than an excuse to do terrible things to our dogs,her reminder that dogs lack the capacity to be vindictive (Oh,he did that on purpose!) and her continious reminder that dogs are dogs: not little furry people. There is not a person who could read this book and refute her wisdom. Patience, consistancy and repitition, along with heavy doses of play, praise and cookies, will teach any owner what there dog truly is: A DOG!
Great book for all dog owners to read., May 17, 2004
Reviewer: Kiki Marks
This was a fantastic book and it did a great job of explaining how the dog's mind works. This is a must read for owners who are having problems with their dogs or just for owners who would like to better understand their dogs.
Excellent!, June 17, 2004
Reviewer: Mistie Lamb
Tried to read this book with my highlighter in hand, but finally had to give up! It was taking too long because there was so much good information. I will definintely have to re-read this book. Such a great resource! I have recommended it to everyone in my classes and anyone who has asked me questions about dogs!
The best!, July 12, 2006
Reviewer: Pam Dennison
the only thing wrong with this book is that *I* didn't write it! Darn! A must read! And even if you have read it once, read it again - you'll pick up stuff you missed the first time.
For Anyone Who Owns A Dog, July 22, 2006
Reviewer: working_dogz
This book really helps you appreciate how adaptable dogs are at adjusting to living in our human world and how miserably we humans fail at understanding theirs. This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to better understand how their dogs think and see the world. If more people read this book, they would be better equipped to work with their dogs on behavioral issues and improve their relationship with their dogs tenfold.
Hablo Espanol?, July 30, 2006
Reviewer: Sophia Stevenson
Having this book while training dogs is like having a Spanish/English dictionary in Spain (if you don't speak Spanish). Finally, a book that everyone can understand and that helps us understand our canine friends a little better! A staple for any dog lover's/trainers/fanciers library.
Food For Thought, October 4, 2006
Reviewer: Jacqueline - Dog Logics
This book has to be the best book out there - almost written from within the dogs brain, informative, eye opening, clear and it makes you think. YES! YES! was all I could say as I turned each and every page the information gives no doubt to how dogs learn and how humans can so easily stuff up! Buy it read it and learn. Thank you Jean Donaldson for opening the window to understanding dogs.
Culture Clash, November 17, 2006
Reviewer: Judy Estes
Jean Donaldson has done a wonderful on this book in that she talks about various reasons dogs act and behave the way they do around a human enviornment. Great reading even if you don't read from cover to cover you can learn not only as a trainer but as an individual working with their dog.
Recommend This Book, January 14, 2007
Reviewer: Sue
Whenever I looked at lists of recommended dog books, Culture Clash was always on the list. I found the book at the library, started reading it and knew I needed this book in my personal library. I bought the new edition. While reading it, I had several different reactions to it. Everything Jean Donaldson has to say seems to me to be right on the mark. First and foremost, dogs are not human beings, they are DOGS! I have to say, though, while I valued every word I read, I sometimes struggled with the way the book is written. I felt as though the author has a 'chip on her shoulder'. That she was often conveying her irritation with dog owners. I tend to judge a book by how well I can read it. Do I sit glued to it for long periods of time? Am I anxious to get back to reading as soon as I can? Do I finish it quickly, no matter the length of the book? I found that while Culture Clash has great merit as far as the information it provides, I did struggle to finish the book. Having said all of this, Culture Clash is on my MUST READ list for all dog lovers.
, January 26, 2007
Reviewer: Kim Amatucci
This is a must have for every dog owner. I have read a ton of books and this is the best in all around understandable information. I recommend this book to all my students to get general knowledge of their dog and how they think.
compulsory reading!, March 15, 2007
Reviewer: Bronwyn Van Heusden
This is a book that should be sent home with everyone who takes a dog into their lives and homes. It's a book that caters for all aspects of dog ownership from basics, to advanced training and to gaining a better understanding of these amazing creatures. Jean Donaldson manages to show humans how to interact with canines at all levels, and hopefully to understand and appreciate the differences between our two species. A great book that will be well worn out before I'm finished with it.
An Amazing Book!, March 29, 2007
Reviewer: Adrienne Power
Went to Crufts and everyone pointed out to me that this book was a must have. If ever a person was on the same wavelength as a dog, it is Jean Donaldson.
It is a very in depth book.
You can pick it up again and again and see something new.
I don’t think any dog owner should be without this book.
It has a wonderful opening where people imagine their dog is Lassie, that they understand every word you say and understand when they have done wrong, when of course the canine mind is entirely different to the human one.
The basis of the book is that the author is trying to show the difference between two cultures – human and canine.
Great for doggy parents and dog trainers, April 25, 2007
Reviewer: Jenny Chun
This is an excellent read for anyone who wants to foster a better relationship with their dog. Jean Donaldson provides great insight into why humans and dogs are constantly miscommunicating. A great resource for trainers and doggy parents alike.
A great start!!, May 6, 2007
Reviewer: Janette RAEL
I am an aspiring dog trainier who has been looking into taking the CTC course in SF for a long time, and the book is a required reading. I have always wanted to work with dogs, and after reading this book, it got me focused. I was a self taught trainer for only my own dogs, and it let me see where I was having problems, or why certain bahaviors went bad. A must read!!!!
I Agree with Dr. Dunbar, May 10, 2007
Reviewer: Denise Dechant
I agree with Dr. Ian Dunbar - this is the best dog book I've ever read too. Donaldson's book takes a uniquely compassionate approach to care and training of dogs. She soundly argues against all the punishment dogs get from both traditional trainers and people with an inadequate understanding of dogs and how they learn.

I think this book is a must-read for all dog owners.
Essential for EVERY dog trainer, October 23, 2007
Reviewer: Beth Madunic
This book is my dog training BIBLE! I love it and refer to it often. This is the first book that my apprentice was given to read...after borrowing my copy, she went and bought her own.

A wonderful resource for trainers! Thank you, Jean.
Family Dog Owners, December 16, 2007
Reviewer: K9
Please take notice that this book has received no less than 5 paws in any of the reviews. WOW! While most of these reviews are from trainers (including myself), this book has great information on understanding your dog and giving you skills to help him be the best dog ever! I would suggest that the 'lay' person start with the chapter labeled 'It's All Chew Toys To Them.' If you read nothing more than this chapter, you would have great insight into understanding how to communicate with your dog and your money would be well spent. Most likely you'll be inspired to read other chapters. Another great book for the family dog owner is 'Don't Shoot the Dog' by Karen Pryor. Thank you for educating yourself about man's best friend!
life-changing, December 31, 2007
Reviewer: Stevie Mathre
Not a training book with tricks to teach, this book talks about US and our expectations. And what we do in asking another species to live in a human world. Jean’s tone can be blunt, and what she says can be challenging because she’s addressing who we are. Let her thoughts ruminate, then read it again. I promise, you’ll be richer for it.
I agree: life-changing, August 9, 2008
Reviewer: Crystal Saling
This is an absolute must-read book for anyone who is even thinking about becoming a dog trainer. So, why only 4 stars? I have the older version of this book and I don't know what the differences are, but the version I have is extremely negative about things such as dominance theory, but doesn't describe what she means by dominance theory. When I read this book (about 1 1/2 years ago) I honestly had no idea what she was talking about and found it extremely unprofessional to bash something without describing what it was and exactly why you think its wrong. That being said, the day I read this book, I became a MUCH more empathetic dog owner- no longer a dictator, but a loving and understanding parent. Thanks Jean, You ROCK!
probably the most important dog book ever written, August 27, 2008
Reviewer: Stephanie Wesloh
This book was an instant classic. There is nothing else like it and it should be read by everyone who has a dog. Points out the Lassie syndrome, in which people have unrealistic expections of what a dog is like. Details how and why dogs are not people in fur suits. Dogs are different than us, and if we mis-interpret their behavior based on our incorrect expectations we do a disservice to our dogs and to our relationship with them. Tells how to connect with our dogs in a real relationship, rather than strive and fail to acheive a mistaken idea of a relationship with a dog.
Fabulous!, September 24, 2008
Reviewer: Virginia D.
I absolutely loved this book. It's incredibly informative and covers how dogs learn and how we often want them to be something they're not. Jean Donaldson desribes dog behavior and instinct with obvious knowledge and experience. I respect her as a trainer and for helping bring positive reinforcement to the forefront of dog training.
I love how she desribes both nature and nurture, talks philosophy about dogs but also adds tips and a steps to train certain things. This book helped me turn my dog with no interest in toys into a happy, enthusiastic retriever.
Can It Get Any Better, January 10, 2009
Reviewer: Monica Jones
I got to say that this has to be on the top of my reading list. OK...I was a little skeptical to buy it because of the title (I was afraid it would be to technical) but, boy, just start reading and you will find you are not alone in your confusing moments and the dog's confusing times. Dogs are a great addition to your life but understanding the reason for their behavior is priceless. BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!!
Great Work, A Must Read, January 14, 2009
Reviewer: HappyDog
I am a professional dog trainer. There are far too many books out there on dog training. So much of them are full of retreaded information and are simply boring. This is a shame because dog owners that purchase these other books and don't purchase a great work like this one because they don't know any better are really misssing out.

This book is so good, if I were given the task of choosing only one book about dogs to recommend to a client it would be this book. Well done Ms. Jean Donaldson.
Essential for understanding and compassion, March 7, 2009
Reviewer: GSDandRescuedogmommy
I am a dog trainer of many years. This is one of the rare books that helps the average pet owner understand the differences, the whys and whereforto's of canine vs human. Imagine living in a world where you are not allowed to lose your temper, even for a little bit, not get angry and be expected to do all kinds of things alien to you. This book will help bring a greater understanding of human and canine together and as a result, give you a greater compassion for our canine friends. After all, they give us forever, we can only strive to understand them the best we can. This book is a wonderful first step in that process.
Must Read!, March 3, 2010
Reviewer: Dana E.
This is a must read for any person involved in working with dogs. Donaldson puts things in perspective by writing with clarity and sincerity. The book is easy to read and isn't overwhelmed with jargon. Her honesty and obvious love for dogs shines through. It definitely opened my eyes to understanding the expectations we put on our dogs. I would highly recommend reading this book.
A must have, April 12, 2010
Reviewer: Kate Huver
This has got to be one of my all-time favorite books. I liked it from the moment I picked it up many years ago to the current expanded edition.
Disney vs Skinner, May 22, 2010
Reviewer: Pawsitively Healthy
Reading about the Disney vs Skinner Dog was one of the most powerful concepts I have ever come across. It really helped solidify the concept of dogs not being 'bad' just 'dogs'. I have used this example to explain this to so many people and it really hits home how we expect our dogs to 'just know'. Thank you Jean for writing this book and helping so many dog owners and trainers do right by their dogs.
Dogs Clarified, July 7, 2010
Reviewer: Bethany Crawford
This book should be read by anyone who loves or works with dogs. Although Jean Donaldson is sarcastically funny, once you get past the verbal stings you will find this book a life-saver. She helps you see your actions through your dogs eyes and sets you on the road to understanding. Only you can decide to leave your pride and ego behind when training your dog but Jean shows you why you should.
Interesting Approach, October 21, 2010
Reviewer: DogCatcher
This book was a great approach to understanding dogs in a new way. Their culture: living in nomadic families, is so much like ours we forget the ways in which we differ. That leads to misunderstandings in observation and training. Besides, the author writes well and is funny.
Amazing book, December 18, 2010
Reviewer: Nick Hof, CPDT
This is a incredibly well written and informative book. It is stock full of great exercises that will help curb behavior problems. Jean also does a great job of explaining why dogs do what they do.

One of the most memorable excerts for me was how dog training is a skill that takes practice and will involve mistakes. She then pointed out how when using P+/R- that this can be very damaging for the dog who is not getting the best communication.

I highly recommend this book to any dog owner or trainer.
Top Pick, April 21, 2011
Reviewer: Paula Nowak
This was one of the first books I read in regards to how dogs see things. Jean is a writer you can relate to immediately from the first few pages. I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand dogs, their point of view that is.
A great book!, February 22, 2012
Reviewer: Jody Freeland
This book really helped me learn more about my dogs and positive reinforcement training. I had a really hard time understanding the 4 quadrants of training and until I read this book I was clueless.

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