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This Week's Newsletter:
10/19/2016 Fun Times in Vegas!

Past Newsletters:
10/12/2016 Celebrating Sue Sternberg!
10/5/2016 Beware of the Dog - New from Pat Miller!
9/28/2016 Dog Sports Skills book 4 is now available!
9/21/2016 Bone Up Before You Go
9/14/2016 Get On Track!
9/7/2016 Most Likely to Sell Out!
8/31/2016 Billinghurst Books are Back in Stock!
8/24/2016 Study Up with these new titles!
8/17/2016 Super Product Sale!
8/10/2016 APDT and PPG Conferences - Second Call!
8/3/2016 Problem Solving Without Breaking the Bank
7/27/2016 Once in a Blue Moon
7/20/2016 More Ideas for New Trainers
7/13/2016 Group Class Ideas
7/6/2016 Part Memoir = More Insight Sale
6/29/2016 Summer Backlist Sale
6/22/2016 Join Us at APDT and PPG This Fall!
6/15/2016 Totally Immerse Yourself!
6/8/2016 New From the Coppingers!
6/1/2016 Summer Reading List #2 - Problem? Solution!
5/25/2016 Summer Reading List #1 - Exploring the Animal Mind
5/18/2016 Puppy Power!
5/11/2016 You’ve Got Problems??
5/4/2016 Expanding our eBook Inventory
4/27/2016 Dogwise Announces New, Lower Shipping Charges!
4/20/2016 Spring Cleaning Uncovers Bargains
4/12/2016 We Need More of This!
4/6/2016 That Most Vexing Problem
3/30/2016 Dogwise Publishing Backlist Sale is ending!
3/23/2016 Focus on Behavior
3/18/2016 Remembering Bill Woodward
3/16/2016 The latest from Jane Killion
3/9/2016 Spring into Agility
3/2/2016 Dogwise Publishing Backlist Sale 2!
2/24/2016 Dogwise Publishing Backlist Sale!
2/17/2016 DWAA Winners
2/12/2016 Meet the author - Tom Lonsdale, DVM
2/10/2016 BAT 2.0, by Grisha Stewart is Here!
2/3/2016 Good Books - Cheap Books
1/27/2016 Lots of Great New Books
1/20/2016 DWAA Nominees for 2015
1/13/2016 Big Problems? Inexpensive Answers!
1/6/2016 You've Read Her, Now Watch Her
12/30/2015 Hot trends of 2015
12/23/2015 Happy Holidays!
12/16/2015 Time to Focus on Nutrition - 25% Off!
12/9/2015 Nine to Give On Sale
12/2/2015 The Sale That Never Ends!!!
11/30/2015 Cyber Monday Deals start now!!
11/25/2015 Black Friday Deals, start now!
11/18/2015 Congrats and Thanks to the Pet Professionals Guild!!
11/11/2015 Some Old and Sometimes Hard to Find Classics
11/4/2015 Whelping Skills and Care of New Puppies
10/28/2015 Good Books, Good Reads and New from Denise Fenzi!
10/21/2015 Best Sellers at the APDT Conference
10/12/2015 Raising a More Relaxed Dog
10/7/2015 Focus on Working Dogs!
9/30/2015 PPG Inaugural Summit and hot deals!
9/23/2015 Dogwise is Coming to the Pet Care Visibility Event in Las Vegas
9/16/2015 Good Old Competition Obedience!
9/9/2015 APDT Conference News and Special Sale!
9/4/2015 Dogwise Publishing Labor Day Sale!
9/2/2015 Build a Library of Dog Training Books for under $100!
8/26/2015 Weekly Update: Puppy Fitness!
8/19/2015 Summer Clearance and New From Dr Seuss!!
8/12/2015 Dog Sports Skills Book 3!
8/5/2015 The Importance of Body Language
7/29/2015 Celebrating Assistance Dogs
7/22/2015 For Dog Professionals #2
7/15/2015 For Dog Professionals #1
7/8/2015 APDT Conference in Dallas This Fall
7/1/2015 The Connection Collection by Suzanne Clothier
6/24/2015 Popular Titles on Clearance!
6/17/2015 SPARCS Behavior Conference
6/10/2015 Teach Your Herding Breed by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell!
6/3/2015 Spice Up Your Training!
5/27/2015 eBook Selection Growing
5/20/2015 Continuing Education
5/13/2015 Observing Dog Encounters
5/8/2015 Meet the author - Stephen F. Ledoux
5/6/2015 Puppy Socialization
4/29/2015 The Pump is Primed!
4/22/2015 The Sales Are Ending Soon!
4/15/2015 Get Out and Do It Sale - Part Two!
4/10/2015 Meet the author - Tom Lonsdale, DVM
4/8/2015 Get Out and Do It Sale!
4/1/2015 Challenge Your Brain, Expand Your Horizons
3/25/2015 Great New Addition to Therapy Dog Literature
3/18/2015 Fetch More Dollars!
3/11/2015 Dogwise Publishing Backlist Sale 2!
3/4/2015 A Well Deserved Salute!
2/25/2015 Beef Up Your Teaching/Training Skills
2/18/2015 DWAA 2014 Winners
2/11/2015 Behavioral Research Continues to Expand
2/4/2015 Its (Almost) Nose Work Time of Year!
1/28/2015 Birdbrained Dogs and Doggie Daycares
1/21/2015 Dogwise Publishing Backlist Sale!
1/15/2015 Canine Nutrigenomics
1/13/2015 Puppy Culture DVD from Jane Killion
1/7/2015 Sophia Yin - Her Work Lives On
12/30/2014 Some of the Best from 2014
12/24/2014 Dogwise DWAA Nominees
12/17/2014 Something Old, Something New
12/10/2014 Can't Miss Gift Books for Dog Enthusiasts
12/3/2014 BAT 2.0 DVDs by Grisha Stewart!
12/1/2014 Cyber Monday Deals: Turid Rugaas and Claudia Fugazza!
11/26/2014 Why Wait Until Friday for Bargains?
11/19/2014 APDT Returns Sale!
11/12/2014 PayPal, Holidays and Dog Sports Skills Book 2!
11/5/2014 A "Bring Back the '90s" Sale!
10/29/2014 Best Sellers at the APDT Conference!
10/22/2014 Get Tracking!
10/13/2014 Welcome to the APDT Conference!
10/8/2014 Canine Athletes - Getting Them Fit, Keeping Them Fit
10/1/2014 Canine Play Behavior and huge clearance sale!
9/24/2014 The Nose Knows Even More!
9/17/2014 Check Out These Clearance Deals!
9/10/2014 New Suzanne Hetts book
9/3/2014 Be There Even If You Aren't!
8/29/2014 Labor Day Deals!
8/27/2014 Older Favorites Vol. 3
8/20/2014 Older Favorites Vol. 2
8/13/2014 Older Favorites Vol. 1
8/6/2014 Do As I Do by Claudia Fugazza
7/30/2014 Second Call for the APDT Conference in Hartford!
7/23/2014 Under the Radar
7/16/2014 Reactive Dog Classes
7/9/2014 Big Investment - Big Returns
7/2/2014 Humans, Animals and Mental Well Being
6/25/2014 Frank Sabella's The Art of Handling Show Dogs
6/18/2014 Viva Italia!
6/11/2014 R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone DVD from Pam Dennison
6/4/2014 Dogwise Shelter Scholarship Program
5/28/2014 Two Great New Books!
5/21/2014 Weekly Update: Some Heavyweight Titles
5/14/2014 First Call for the APDT Conference in Hartford!
5/7/2014 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference
4/30/2014 The Original Dog Whisperer
4/23/2014 Something New and Different from Nicole Wilde
4/16/2014 Treating Separation Anxiety by Malena DeMartini-Price
4/9/2014 Another 12 Good Books/DVD - 50% Off
4/2/2014 12 Good Books/DVD - 50% Off
3/26/2014 How to Run a Dog Business - New Second Edition
3/19/2014 Sophia Yin DVDs
3/12/2014 Upcoming Conferences
3/5/2014 Introducing Behaviorology
2/26/2014 DWAA Winners
2/19/2014 From Birdbrained to Brilliant by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell
2/12/2014 Dog Food Logic by Linda Case
2/5/2014 10 Good Books - 50% Off
2/4/2014 Bill Campbell Tribute
1/29/2014 Super Sniffers & New Suzanne Clothier DVD!
1/22/2014 We Salute You!
1/15/2014 New Year, New Dogs Part 2
1/8/2014 New Year, New Dogs Part 1
12/26/2013 DWAA Nominees and Happy New Year!
12/18/2013 How to Foster Dogs by Pat Miller
12/11/2013 Happy Holidays!
12/4/2013 30% off all Calendars!
12/1/2013 Turid Rugaas Cyber Monday Deals!
11/27/2013 30% off Treats, Toys and Training Tools!
11/20/2013 What trainers were buying in Spokane!
11/13/2013 Ebook Update
11/6/2013 Holiday Gift Bargains
10/30/2013 Dog Trainer's Resource 3
10/23/2013 Two Interesting New Reads
10/16/2013 How to Enjoy Your Trip to Spokane!!
10/9/2013 20% Off selected DTA books!
10/2/2013 More and more Ebooks
9/25/2013 The Gift of Touch
9/18/2013 Holiday Gift Ideas #1
9/11/2013 Play!
9/5/2013 The Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology
8/28/2013 Tis The Season
8/21/2013 Getting Ready for the APDT Conference
8/14/2013 New from Karen Overall!
8/7/2013 The Business of Dog Walking by Veronica Boutelle
7/31/2013 In Case You Have Been on Vacation
7/24/2013 Product and Treat Sale!
7/17/2013 New Treibball Book!
7/10/2013 Clearance prices get even better!
7/3/2013 Featured Speaker - Virginia Broitman
6/26/2013 Featured Speaker - Nicole Wilde
6/19/2013 Aggression Update
6/12/2013 Do As I Do DVD
6/5/2013 The Importance of Movement
5/29/2013 Set up to the BAT!
5/22/2013 Lend Me an Ear
5/15/2013 Get Healthy on Us - 25% off!
5/8/2013 It's in the Bag
5/1/2013 New Sue Sternberg Seminar DVDs
4/24/2013 Multiple Dogs?
4/17/2013 Spokane? Yes!!
4/10/2013 What Trainers Need to Know Beyond Training
4/3/2013 Dogwise "Classics" Sale Part Two
3/27/2013 Dogwise "Classics" Sale Part One
3/20/2013 Dogwise at the Working Dog Conference
3/13/2013 Under the Radar Best Sellers
3/6/2013 Just Goofy or Is It More?
2/28/2013 With Winning in Mind
2/20/2013 Puppy books for dog trainers and enthusiasts
2/13/2013 The Genius of Dogs - new from Brian Hare!
2/6/2013 Winter Viewing: Training
1/30/2013 Winter Viewing: Behavior
1/23/2013 Canine Cross Training by Sasha Foster
1/16/2013 Free!
1/9/2013 Focus on Sale and Clearance Books
1/2/2013 When Your Dog Has Cancer
12/26/2012 Post Holiday Sale!
12/19/2012 DWAA Nominees
12/12/2012 Stress and how to deal with it
12/5/2012 Surprise Hits of 2012
11/28/2012 The Sale That Never Stops
11/26/2012 On Talking Terms With Dogs only $6, 25% off Toys, Training Tools and Treats!
11/21/2012 Toys, Training Tools and Treats Sale!
11/14/2012 Ebook expansion continues
11/7/2012 Best Sellers at the APDT Conference
10/31/2012 New Nose Work DVDs!
10/24/2012 "Good Reads" Part 2
10/17/2012 "Good Reads" Part 1
10/10/2012 APDT - Here We Come!
10/3/2012 The Human Half of Dog Training
9/26/2012 New from Sophia Yin - Low Stress Handling DVD
9/19/2012 Focus on Canine Sport DVDs
9/12/2012 2013 Breed Calendars in Stock
9/5/2012 Terrier-Centric Training! Free Shipping With Purchases of $25 extended!
8/29/2012 AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Book and Free Shipping With Purchases of $25!
8/22/2012 Dog shows and showing
8/15/2012 Build a Library of Dog Training Books for under $100!
8/8/2012 Outside of the Ring
8/1/2012 Reactivity
7/25/2012 APDT Conference: Time to Get Ready!
7/18/2012 Summer Reading Clearance Sale
7/11/2012 The Business Side
7/3/2012 What Are They Doing, Thinking and Saying?
6/27/2012 Treibball DVD Featuring Jan Nijboer
6/20/2012 More and More Ebooks!
6/13/2012 Dogs and Kids (And Grown-Ups Too!)
6/6/2012 Sophia Yin Adds to Growing Booklet Selection
5/30/2012 Juvenile Delinquent Dogs
5/23/2012 From Tongue to Tail DVD
5/16/2012 Showing Kunga
5/9/2012 Super Sniffers
5/2/2012 More Resources for Animal Assisted Therapy
4/25/2012 IAABC Best Sellers
4/18/2012 Facing Farewell
4/11/2012 Socializing Puppies
4/4/2012 70% Off Clearance Sale!
3/28/2012 Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer
3/21/2012 The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog DVD
3/14/2012 More and More Ebooks!
3/7/2012 Kathy Sdao's Plenty in Life is Free
2/29/2012 Mind Games for Dogs
2/22/2012 Control Unleashed for Puppies!
2/15/2012 2012 DWAA Winners
2/8/2012 DVD Bonanza!
2/1/2012 Expanded Breed E-Book Selection
1/25/2012 Behavior problems and more
1/18/2012 Thanks for helping us clean house!
1/11/2012 Between Dog and Wolf
1/4/2012 National Train Your Dog Month
12/28/2011 Rolling the Dice
12/21/2011 Kudos!
12/14/2011 Kingdom of Scent
12/7/2011 Surprise Hits for 2011
11/30/2011 Component Training for TDX
11/23/2011 15 x 40 Sale
11/16/2011 Gift Suggestions for dog lovers
11/9/2011 End of the Line for Breed Books
11/2/2011 Holiday Gift Buying Suggestion #2
10/26/2011 Dogwise Health Books
10/19/2011 Training Games from Suzanne Clothier
10/12/2011 Dog InSight, new from Pam Reid!
10/5/2011 Canine Massage in 3 Easy Steps!
9/28/2011 Puppy Problems? No Problem!
9/21/2011 Last Call (Almost!) for APDT San Diego
9/14/2011 Holiday Book Buying Suggestions #1
9/7/2011 Behavior Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart
8/31/2011 Rehabilitation and Prevention
8/24/2011 Nutrition Book Sale
8/17/2011 Focus on Socialization
8/10/2011 The Trick Is On Us
8/3/2011 Second Call for APDT Conference in San Diego
7/27/2011 Five Middle Aged Picks
7/20/2011 Breed Book Sale!
7/13/2011 Light and Fun Summer Reading
7/6/2011 It's a Dog, Not a Toaster!
6/29/2011 Upcoming Working Dog Conference
6/22/2011 A 3-T Sale Through the 4th!
6/15/2011 Rally Time!
6/8/2011 Breed Calendars are Back in Stock
6/1/2011 First Call For APDT 2011
5/25/2011 Lots of News
5/18/2011 Warehouse Rearranging #3
5/11/2011 Warehouse Rearranging #2
5/4/2011 Warehouse Rearranging #1
4/27/2011 New books from Europe
4/20/2011 End of an Era
4/13/2011 Reconnecting
4/6/2011 The Canine Thyroid Epidemic
3/30/2011 Puppy Survival Guide
3/23/2011 Empowerment Training
3/16/2011 John Rogerson book is available again!
3/9/2011 Carting With Your Dog
3/2/2011 Ebook Update: We're Growing our Selection
2/23/2011 Training memoirs
2/16/2011 The News from New York
2/9/2011 Off to New York!
2/2/2011 Focus on Herding
1/26/2011 Handling Skills for Agility
1/19/2011 Structure in Action by Pat Hastings
1/12/2011 Mental Fitness
1/5/2011 Dominance in Dogs
12/29/2010 Thank You!
12/22/2010 The Year in Review Part 2
12/15/2010 The Year in Review
12/8/2010 Holiday Shipping Promotion Extended!
12/1/2010 Jump Start Your Holiday Shopping
11/24/2010 The New Toolbox from Terry Ryan!
11/17/2010 Challenge Your Brain!
11/10/2010 It's a Scary World Out There
11/3/2010 Things We Ran Out of APDT
10/27/2010 2010 APDT Best Sellers
10/20/2010 Referencing Ray Coppinger
10/13/2010 Quick Clicks 2nd Edition in Stock!
10/6/2010 New Tracking and SAR Books
9/29/2010 More Ways to Have Fun
9/22/2010 A Surprise No More
9/15/2010 New Second Editions
9/8/2010 The Focused Puppy
9/1/2010 Spanish language dog books
8/25/2010 New Myra Savant Harris Book!
8/18/2010 Important APDT Conference Update
8/11/2010 Backlist Sale!
8/4/2010 Dog Quirks
7/28/2010 More E-Books!
7/21/2010 Calendars and more
7/14/2010 A Good Day for a Do Over
7/7/2010 Summer Reads with Substance
6/30/2010 2nd Call for APDT in Atlanta
6/23/2010 In Praise of Small Publishers
6/16/2010 Breed Reference Book Sale!
6/9/2010 Minding Your Business
6/2/2010 Line Training
5/26/2010 New Mysteries Featured
5/19/2010 The Dog Vinci Code - New from John Rogerson!
5/12/2010 Focus On Nutrition
5/5/2010 Jean Donaldson's latest
4/28/2010 How Many Dogs?!
4/21/2010 The Ultimate Agility Book
4/14/2010 Kids and Dogs
4/6/2010 Chase! by Clarissa von Reinhardt
3/31/2010 Breeding and Genetics 20% off Sale!
3/24/2010 Dogwise and E-Books
3/17/2010 New Training Booklets by Sarah Whitehead
3/10/2010 First Call for the APDT Conference in Atlanta
3/3/2010 New Second Editions From Patricia McConnell and Monica Segal
2/24/2010 Free Shipping With Purchases of $35 - Limited Time Offer!
2/17/2010 2009 DWAA Winners
2/10/2010 Memoirs and Dogs
2/3/2010 Dog Show Driven
1/27/2010 Really Good Reads
1/20/2010 5 for '10 times 20%
1/12/2010 DGT Sale!
1/6/2010 The Cold Got You Cooped Up?
12/29/2009 Happy New Year!
12/22/2009 Happy Holidays!
12/16/2009 Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet
12/9/2009 Gift Book Sale Begins!
12/2/2009 The Big Sale Continues!
11/24/2009 20% off Sale on all Training and Behavior Books
11/18/2009 What to Buy a "New" Dog Person
11/11/2009 Fall is a Great Time for Tracking!
11/4/2009 Clearance Blow Out
10/28/2009 Hot Sellers at APDT
10/21/2009 Ideas for Early Holiday Shoppers
10/14/2009 Dog Show Judging - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
10/7/2009 Reinforcements
9/30/2009 Puppy Tricks
9/23/2009 Keep on Clicking
9/16/2009 More Than the Usual Amount of New Stuff
9/9/2009 Second Call for the APDT Conference
9/2/2009 Dogsteps Back in Stock!
8/26/2009 Heading Indoors
8/19/2009 Through a Dog's Ear on TV
8/12/2009 New Edition of Dogs are from Neptune
8/5/2009 Be an Advocate, Be Informed
7/29/2009 First Call for the APDT Conference in Oakland
7/22/2009 Thinking Summer
7/15/2009 Born to Win is Reborn!
7/8/2009 Can't Get Enough of the Tricks!
7/1/2009 A Fresh Look at the Dominance Issue
6/24/2009 Remember the Human Side of the Equation
6/17/2009 New Book from Karen Pryor!
6/10/2009 Improved New Items Page
6/3/2009 Calendars Coming In/Shaping Success
5/27/2009 The Wild Canids, our latest Dogwise Classic
5/20/2009 Tricks and Training
5/13/2009 Chill Out Fido!
5/6/2009 Locomotion and Gait
4/29/2009 Introducing Our Book of the Week Program
4/22/2009 Treats for Training
4/15/2009 Don't Forget to Proof
4/8/2009 One Fun and Positive Trend
4/1/2009 New (and Different!) from Nicole Wilde
3/25/2009 The Passing of Rachel Page Elliott
3/18/2009 Meet Thinking Dog Author Gail Fisher
3/11/2009 Stretch Your Dog
3/4/2009 Made for Each Other
2/18/2009 The Thinking Dog by Gail Fisher
2/11/2009 DWAA Winners and News
2/4/2009 Control Unleashed Now on DVD!
1/28/2009 DWAA Book Nominees
1/21/2009 Clearance Book Secrets
1/14/2009 New from Grandin and Garrett
1/7/2009 Recommendations from the Pros!
12/30/2008 Making A Resolution
12/17/2008 Thank You Authors!
12/10/2008 Gremlins, Forums, and More
12/1/2008 Holiday Shopping Tips and Info
11/26/2008 Have I Read This Before?
11/19/2008 SOS!
11/13/2008 Tales of Two Species by Patricia McConnell
11/5/2008 2008 Surprises!
10/22/2008 The Hot Stuff from APDT
10/15/2008 What's New?
10/8/2008 Try to Keep Your Head Up!
10/1/2008 A Visit With Pagey
9/24/2008 Kids Teaching Kids!
9/17/2008 Forewarned is Forearmed
9/10/2008 Toys, Training Tools, Treats - and APDT Conference Update
9/4/2008 Two New Books from Dogwise Publishing
8/27/2008 Special Monday Update: New from McConnell/London, End of Sale
8/19/2008 End of Summer Sale!
8/13/2008 Kentucky = Horses = Dog Trainers
7/30/2008 Extending a Welcome
7/23/2008 Getting a Grip!
7/16/2008 The Dog Trainer's Resource 2
7/9/2008 More on Play
7/2/2008 Our Local Hero
6/26/2008 Play With Your Dog
6/18/2008 Zoomility
6/11/2008 The Big Move!
6/4/2008 The Daily Double
5/28/2008 Summer Reading Fun
5/21/2008 First Call for APDT Louisville!
5/14/2008 Learning Games!
5/7/2008 The Dog Trainer's Business Kit, Living With Your Dog DVD, Foundation Jumping DVD
4/30/2008 Trish McConnell Seminar DVDs
4/23/2008 For Further Study
4/16/2008 Jean Donaldson's Oh Behave! Now in Stock
4/9/2008 Coaching People Terry Ryan Available Again
4/2/2008 Catherine O'Driscoll and Ian Dunbar DVDs
3/26/2008 When Species Meet
3/19/2008 AKC Breed VHS-Format Clearance Sale
3/12/2008 "Pigs" Wins a DWAA Award!
3/5/2008 The Art of Proofing
2/27/2008 Tune Up Time For Agility
2/20/2008 Brenda Aloff's Get Connected With Your Dog!
2/13/2008 New Barking Book by Turid Rugaas!
2/6/2008 Five That Have Stood The Test of Time
1/30/2008 Jenny Damm Agility DVDs, New Products
1/23/2008 Positive Perspectives 2
1/16/2008 Top "Surprise" Books
1/9/2008 Dog Writer Association Nominees
1/2/2008 Starting the New Year Right
12/26/2007 New Books Galore 2.0
12/19/2007 I Got This Gift Certificate, What Do You Recommend?
12/12/2007 New Books Galore!
12/5/2007 Crate Games!
11/28/2007 Best Sellers at the APDT Conference 2.0!
11/21/2007 Best Sellers at the APDT Conference!
11/14/2007 Reference Books!
11/7/2007 Dog Detectives!
10/31/2007 Off Leash Dog Play!
10/24/2007 Donaldson and Dunbar Take on Dominance (and Dog Whisperers).
10/17/2007 Focus Not Fear by Ali Brown!
10/10/2007 Bargains From The Travel Stock
10/3/2007 APDT Conference - Last Call!
9/27/2007 Special Extra Update: How To Run a Dog Business!
9/26/2007 New Jean Donaldson Training DVD!
9/19/2007 DVD Heaven - Take Two!
9/12/2007 Obedience Lives!
9/5/2007 Remembering Patty Ruzzo
8/22/2007 Steinker and Abrantes at APDT Conference!
8/15/2007 Get Them Fit!
8/8/2007 Vacation Reading!
8/1/2007 A Nice Surprise!
7/25/2007 Pigs Are Indeed Flying!
7/17/2007 A Real Mixed Bag!
7/11/2007 Search and Rescue!
7/3/2007 Mindful Dog Teaching!
6/26/2007 Pigs Can Fly!
6/20/2007 DVD Heaven!
6/13/2007 Behavioural Biology of the Dog!
6/6/2007 APDT In Portland This Fall!
5/30/2007 Classics of Training - and More Bargain Books!
5/23/2007 Alternatives to Traditional Dog Food!
5/16/2007 Five for Ten!
5/9/2007 A Wide Variety!
5/2/2007 New Nicole Wilde DVD!
4/25/2007 PBS Special on Dogs!
4/11/2007 K9 Sign Language!
4/4/2007 Hard to Find Classics!
3/28/2007 Visiting the Dog Park!
3/21/2007 Positive Gun Dog Training!
3/14/2007 Shaping You Can Actually See!
2/21/2007 The Fear Factor!
2/14/2007 DWAA Award Winners and Last Chance for Calendars!
2/7/2007 Getting Ready to Compete Part 2!
1/31/2007 Getting Ready to Compete Part 1!
1/24/2007 Wolf Research and Something New from Trish McConnell!
1/17/2007 A Focus on Body Language!
1/10/2007 Puppy Puzzle Is Now in DVD!
1/3/2007 A Training Trifecta!
12/27/2006 After Christmas Shopping Ideas!
12/20/2006 Second Half Best Sellers!
12/13/2006 Dog Writer Association Award Nominees!
12/6/2006 One New Author, Two New Gift Books!
11/29/2006 Holiday Ideas Across the Board!
11/22/2006 Holiday Gift Ideas!
11/15/2006 Watch and Read Before You Breed!
11/8/2006 New Seminar DVDs!
11/1/2006 Long Time Favorites One More Time!
10/25/2006 More Long Time Favorites!
10/18/2006 Fundamentals of Animal Training With Bob Bailey!
10/11/2006 Five Old Favorites!
10/4/2006 More Than Just Books!
9/27/2006 Best Sellers from the APDT Conference!
9/20/2006 New DVDs from Jean Donaldson and Susan Garrett!
9/6/2006 The Good Stuff Just Keeps Coming - And an APDT Invite!
8/30/2006 Especially for Trainers!
8/22/2006 Jackpot! New APDT Resource and Trish McConnell Book in Stock!
8/16/2006 Nicole Wilde's Fearful Dog book now in stock!
8/9/2006 Click and Play Agility!
8/2/2006 The Dog and Its Genome!
7/26/2006 About Dogwise Publishing!
7/19/2006 New for Summer Reading and Viewing!
7/12/2006 We Want Your Reviews - Really!
7/6/2006 Hot Stuff!
6/28/2006 The Heat Is On!
6/21/2006 Ground Breakers!
6/14/2006 Where Have All the Really Good Dog Breed Books Gone?
6/8/2006 A Smorgasbord of New Items!
5/30/2006 Web Site Woes Equals Savings For You!
5/24/2006 If It Was Just The Training Part It Would Be Easy!
5/17/2006 Tails of Devotion and A Summer Learning Project!
5/10/2006 Get Ready for APDT in Kansas City!
5/3/2006 2007 Calendars Already!
4/26/2006 Teaching People!
4/19/2006 Yes Some Dog Books Are Less Than $10.00!
4/12/2006 Top 10 Sellers for the First Quarter!
4/5/2006 Clicker Training for Beginners!
3/29/2006 Sneeze Free Living With Dogs!
3/22/2006 Best Sellers Back in Stock!
3/15/2006 Pam Dennison's New Rally Book!
3/8/2006 Dogwise Publishing Backlist Sale!
3/1/2006 Everything Books and More!
2/22/2006 Dealing with Allergies and New Kilcommons DVD!
2/15/2006 More from Myra Savant and Make a Living Doing What You Love!
2/6/2006 Right on Target is in Stock!
2/1/2006 New Breeding and Wellness Books!
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