Dog Gone Missing: Why Dogs Go Missing and How to Find Them

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Amy Mall
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Oh Street Press

Whether your dog is lost right now or safe at home, Dog Gone Missing has information you can use. If your dog is missing, it has the ten most effective tactics to find them. If your dog is lounging at your feet, it includes the top ten things you can do right now to prevent them from getting lost in the first place. Dog Gone Missing combines scientific research, expert interviews, practical advice on everything from pet detectives to tracking apps, and incredible real-life stories of lost dogs from around the country and their owners’ efforts to find them.

You’ll learn about the best ways to find lost dogs, the fascinating science behind dog navigation skills, why some dogs can find their way home while others can't, and how to keep your dog from going missing.

It's estimated that more than one million dogs go missing every year in the United States, but Amy Mall shares the information you need to make sure your dog is not part of this statistic.

What experts are saying:

“I am a professional tracker specializing in missing pet recovery....I am constantly researching my field and read countless books relating to the missing pets. This book is BANG ON! Very well written and great advice for pet owners. Amy truly knows what she is talking about! GREAT BOOK! Buy it BEFORE you need it!”

Kevin McCormick, Tracker’s Edge

Amy Mall is a writer, researcher, advocate, policy analyst, student, and dog lover living in the District of Columbia. Over the past twenty years she has had four dogs of her own, all of whom were stray before being rescued, and fostered many more through her volunteer work with rescue organizations.