Ebook: Breed Standard Analysis: The Herding Group

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Robert Berndt
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Alpine Publishing
This is a quick and handy reference guide for each breed in the AKC Herding Group. Includes a brief description of the history of each breed, a photo of a quality representative, and the outline of the breed standard. Dr. Berndt has developed a tree chart which highlights each area of the standard individually. Taking the breed standard as written, he has condensed each area to minimal words. This allows the reader to quickly look up a particular breed and create a mental image of the correct dog. Excellent for those watching ringside at a dog show, as well as breeders and handlers. It also can be used as a quick refresher for judges.

The Herding Group is the newest of the groups having been created only in 1983 by separating the dogs in this group from the Working Group. These dogs were all bred to serve as sheep or cattle herding dogs on farms. They have the innate herding or corralling instinct and are able to control the flock and its movement. These dogs range in size from the Belgians and the Bouviers des Flandres to the small Welsh Corgis. They all carry a substantial coat so they can work the range in any season or under any weather conditions. Their intelligence and functional working abilities are outstanding. There are currently twenty-five breeds in the Herding Group.