Ebook: Breed Standard Analysis: The Working Group

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Robert Berndt
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Alpine Publishing
A ringside guide for judges,exhibitors, breeders and spectators. Includes a short history of each breed, show photo of a winning specimen of the breed in the Working Group, and an analysis in tree-chart pattern for each standard that can be used for quick reference for any point of the dog.

Features an analysis of each breed and a brief history with a photo and synopsis of the breed standard in an easy-to-reference chart form.

Working dogs were originally classified as Non-Sporting Dogs as they were not hunters and could, therefore, not be classified as Sporting Dogs. The Working Dogs for the most part are among the largest of dogs. They were bred to perform certain functions such as pulling carts or sleds or to serve as guard dogs. Size and soundness were prime qualities for these dogs that frequently took the place of a man in the work they performed. In 1983 the Working Group was divided resulting in a new group, the Herding Group. There are currently twenty-eight breeds in the Working Group

The late Robert Berndt was an AKC judge and former Chairman of the Board of the American Kennel Club.