Ebook: K-9 Trailing - The Straightest Path

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Jeff Schettler
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Alpine Publishing
Jeffrey Hampton Schettler was honored as the 2012 Arthur J. Haggerty Award of Excellence recipient by the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers with his book entry, K-9 Trailing ? The Straightest Path

The "straightest path" is a simple and honest approach to good trailing dog training. Schettler outlines his method for working trailing dogs, step by step with one goal in mind: finding people. The simple truth of the matter is that trailing and tracking dogs do not find what they are looking for on most cases throughout this country. The problems boil down to training-- for the dog, the handler, and search managers. This program is designed for anyone handling a trailing dog, and Jeff has been teaching it now for over a decade. Whether you are training for search & rescue, are a K-9 cop, or a tactical team manager, Schettler's advice could save your life, the life of your dog, or that of another person one day.