Ebook: Never forget! The Ultimate Program for Memorizing Agility Courses

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Kathy Keats
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Kathy Keats

Never Forget! The Ultimate Program for Memorizing Agility Courses is a unique, proven program designed to help improve your ability to memorize agility courses in a structured manner. This program, along with the additional bonus mini-course available at www.theagilitycoach.ca will have you memorizing agility courses with ease!

One of the most common problems in agility is that handlers are not prepared to run the course in a manner that will maximize their team's strengths because they do not have the course set well enough in their mind to execute their plan with intent. Don't lose another clean run because your mind goes blank at that crucial moment, try the Never Forget! program.

Kathy Keats has been competing in elite athletics her entire life, with great success. She has been fascinated with human potential and peak performance and has dedicated much of her life to learning how to apply these principles in her various endeavours, as well as teaching others how to reach their potential. Kathy's success at the national and international level in multiple venues demonstrates a plan for success, not simply a talent in one area, and Kathy wants to see everyone become the best they can be and reach their goals in whatever life path they choose. Kathy's students have won national and regional championships and she works with world team members on a regular basis.