Ebook: New Better Behavior In Dogs

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whining and sympathy lameness can be corrected. In addition
William Campbell
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Alpine Publishing

Shape your pet into the perfect companion! The pet owner's version of Campbell's popular Behavior Problems in Dogs presents humane, effective ways of correcting common vices and clearly explains dog behavior, how dogs sense their world, how to communicate effectively with dogs, how to train a puppy, and more. Learn how to stop disruptive dog behaviors like coprophagia, phobias, whining, leash-straining, or dog aggression towards people or other dogs. Campbell also describes how the owner can inadvertently reinforce unwanted behaviors, which in turn creates a dog that misbehaves. The author describes humane and effective ways of correcting unwanted canine behaviors and how to successfully communicate with your pet. Campbell's approach considers the instinctual and reflexive behavior of dogs to be of utmost importance if the owner is to understand and change the dog's behavior. Once a dog owner understands how his or her dog thinks, annoying and dangerous behaviors can frequently be changed. The blame for bad behavior should seldom be placed on the dog, Campbell says. This exceptional book looks at how even difficult personality problems such as shyness, fearfulness, whining and sympathy lameness can be corrected. In addition, nutritional needs that can influence behavior, car sickness, and even the problems dogs face in old age, are considered.

Ideally, a copy of this book would accompany every dog purchase. The best way to solve problems is to avoid them, and Campbell's training methods would save the patience and nerves of the new dog owner, the dog and the neighbors.

As a bonus, Dr. Bob (R.M.) Miller's delightful cartoons help readers keep a sense of humor and perspective about their dog's behavior problems.