Play Therapy With Kids & Canines - Benefits for Children's Developmental and Psychosocial Health

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Risë VanFleet
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Professional Resource Press

(This) is a fantastic look at the effect that dogs can have in children's therapy. Risë VanFleet provides constant examples on the way that dogs are integrated specifically into play therapy. Dr. VanFleet goes through the entire process of obtaining a dog for therapeutic uses, and all the ways in which that dog can be beneficial to the child. Her section on canine cotherapists in nondirective and directive play therapy is especially helpful for other play therapists seeking to incorporate dogs in their sessions. - Heidi G. Kaduson, PhD, RPT-S, Director, The Play Therapy Training Institute, Inc. Table of Contents:

Dedication · Acknowledgments · Series Preface · Preface · The Story of a Play Therapy Dog · Animal Emotions and the Human-Animal Bond · Animal-Assisted Therapy · Play and Play Therapy · Integration of Animal-Assisted Therapy and Play Therapy · "The Original Play Therapists": A Case for Canines · Considerations for Quality, Ethical Canine Play Therapy Programs · Selecting and Training a Play Therapy Dog · Practical Management · The First Meeting: Preparations and Introductions · Canine Cotherapists in Nondirective and Directive Play Therapy · Anxiety Reduction · Grief and Loss · Building Competence and Confidence · Weight Reduction and Fitness · Attachment and Relationship Building: Canine Applications for Maltreated and Traumatized Children · Attentional and Behavioral Difficulties · Communication and Social Anxieties · Families and the Future · Final Suggestions · Appendices · References