Puppies: Growth Phases, Mental Development, Education and Activities: The Puppy Class Dvd

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Turid Rugaas
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A puppy is a treasure, to be handled with care and raised with love and attention. It must feel welcome and safe, a part of our family. While growing, with patience, we can help him to become a healthy adult, social and self-confident. To accompany a puppy through his growth stages is a fascinating and unique experience, although not always easy.
In this video, Turid guides us through the mental and physical development of the puppy, from the puppy’s birth to adolescence, giving useful advice on how to introduce the puppy into his new home, and some suggestions of what to do (and not to do) with your puppy.

"Fear periods, the teaching of inhibition, learning to respect others’ properties… If you know about these periods, these development periods, you can avoid a lot of problems and you have a better chance of getting a well-balanced, harmonic dog."

Turid Rugaas has been working with dogs for more than forty years. At the end of the 80’s, along with her colleague Ståle Ødegard, she studied, described and systematized “Calming Signals” in the dogs. Her book and videos on the subject in their numerous translations have been, and are, amongst the best sellers in the specifi¬c ¬field where they constitute recognised points of reference all over the world.

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