Success From The Inside - The Path To Winning Performance

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Kathy Keats
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Clean Run Productions LLC

Kathy's personal experience and her study of peak performance has afforded her insights to success that few people can imitate. In Success from the Inside you will learn specific techniques, thought processes, and strategies to achieve your own peak performance, both in agility and your other endeavors. You will discover what is holding you back, improve the effectiveness of your training, increase your confidence, decrease the effect of pressure, and learn the perfect mindset to perform when it counts! No matter how you define success, Success from the Inside is designed to help you achieve those goals.

About the Author

Kathy Keats has been competing in elite athletics her entire life, with great success. She has been fascinated with human potential and peak performance and has dedicated much of her life to learning how to apply these principles in her various endeavours, as well as teaching others how to reach their potential.

Among her own achievements, Kathy has represented Canada in three World Championships in different disciplines, including winning the IFCS World Agility Overall Championship and Gold in the IFCS World Jumpers Championship. Kathy's educational background and practical application of her principles of success make her one of the leading mental performance coaches of dog sports in North America.