The Kabai Handling System: Secrets To Success Dvd

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Krisztina Kabai
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75 min
Dog Sports Video
Krisztina Kabai is one of the most talented agility trainers and handlers in the world. She is well known for her dynamic and aggressive style. She has been a World Team member many times at both the World Championships and the European Open and won a spot on the podium every year since 2007 with four different dogs, which is quite an accomplishment.

This video shows some of the techniques Krisztina uses to gain a competitive advantage on the agility field. She shows a variety of turns and maneuvers you can use to help your dog turn tight while saving valuable time and yardage. She also shows how the handler can get ahead of their dog in the most efficient way possible. And, of course, Krisztina is famous for having the most amazing blind crosses in the world. In this video you too will learn Krisztina's Secrets to Success!

The Kabai Handling System Secrets to Success! Filmed during seminars given in the US.