About Dogwise Publishing & Submission Guidelines

Mission Statement

To bring humane, understandable and scientifically sound information to people who enrich their lives by working with, playing with and loving dogs.

Dogwise Publishing History

Dogwise Publishing was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Dogwise.com to produce and market high quality books on dogs. Over the years Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has selected several of our books for their highest honor, the Maxwell Award and book industry insiders recognize that Dogwise Publishing titles give readers well-written, sound educational information on dogs. Dogwise Publishing books are sold on our website, in stores, through online retailers and mail order catalogs and through book industry wholesalers.

Prospective Authors

Dogwise Publishing is actively seeking new titles for our market relating to a wide range of dog training activities, behavior, nutrition, breeding and health care. We are looking for manuscripts that add valuable information to the existing literature and that use humane training methods, cutting edge science and proven solutions to make living with a dog more fun and enjoyable.

At this time we do not publish breed books, human-animal relationship, fiction, children's books, memoirs, gift books or photo essay books. We work with DVD authors on complete or nearly-complete projects.

If you have a dog book idea you would like Dogwise Publishing to consider we want to learn more about it. We have a two-part submission process. The first part asks that you send us a brief description of your idea or book in a format we call a "Pre-submission." It allows you to give us a summary of your book or idea, along with information about yourself so that we can determine whether we think your book would be a good fit for our publishing program.

After reviewing your Pre-submission, if we think the idea has potential we will send you the second part of the submission process which is our "Full Submission" guidelines document. The Full Submission will give you the opportunity to expand on your idea and provide us with a lot more information about you, your work and your vision for the book.

Click here for our Pre-submission Guidelines. Complete the Pre-submission and return it to us as a single email attachment with "Dogwise Publishing Pre-submission" in the subject line and email it to nate.woodward@dogwise.com. We will respond to you within 2 weeks.

Learn what we think it takes to become an in-demand dog book (or DVD) author BEFORE you write your book. Click here to read a short essay.

If you are an international author there is additional information you need to have when submitting your proposal. Click here for information.

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