Clicker Basics for Dogs and Puppies

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Carolyn Barney
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Clean Run Productions

Are you and your dog attending your first clicker training class? It's a lot to manage - the clicker, the treats, the toy, the leash, never mind the dog. Sometimes it's hard to remember what your instructor said about reinforcing recalls, what to do if your dog gets up during a sit-stay, or what to practice over the coming week. This book will supplement what you learn in class with a quick overview of the theory behind clicker training and a series of homework progressions for basic behaviors. Tracking your daily and weekly progress is easy with the included worksheets, and lots of insider tips make clicker training work better for you and your dog. It also offers a wealth of information about housetraining, crate training, leash training, diet, neutering and spaying, puppy biting, chewing, and fear behaviors. This handy reference is meant to back up what you learn in class and to guide you through the weeks between.

What reviewers are saying...

“Clicker Basics for Dogs & Puppies is 95 pages jammed full of information about how to clicker train. Written to supplement what a student would get from a group class taught with clicker training, it goes way beyond that by providing tips about housetraining, puppy biting, chewing, leash training, diet and a host of other information critically important to new puppy owners. If I were a breeder, this is the book I would send home with my puppies. The book is easy to read and includes amusing illustrations, as well as a variety of worksheets to help the novice trainer track progress. My favorite quote is “Developing a strong relationship with your dog calls for exercising the relationship muscle, and playing is good exercise for both you and your dog.” In addition to providing a solid foundation about clicker training, Barney includes week-by-week progressions of each exercise in the eight-week “course.” Training exercises include: attention, sit-stay, down-stay, recall, leash walking, long stay on a mat, Gotcha (collar grabs), tricks, sit-stay for petting, and on-leash greetings with other dogs. In many areas of the country, finding a clicker training class is hard. With this handy little book, you can do it yourself!” Terry Long