Clicker Puppy: Kids and Puppies Learning Together - Streaming Video on Demand

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Doggone Crazy!
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48 Min.
Doggone Crazy!
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Winner of the IPDTA Innovation Award!

Clicker Puppy shows children clicker training these puppies. There are no leashes in Clicker Puppy. All clicker training is hands-off with positive reinforcement to encourage the desired behavior. Puppies are allowed to play if they want. Food, toys and fun are used as reinforcers. There is no punishment or even physical prompting. The puppies are all having a lot of fun and learning at an astonishing rate. The kids are having fun as well. Find out how easy it is to take natural puppy behavior and clicker train your way to an obedient dog.

If you are getting a puppy soon, or already have one in your family, this DVD is our choice for tops on your list.

The topics covered in Clicker Puppy are:

• General introduction
• Introduction to how puppies learn
• Introduction to clicker training
• Clicker games to play with kids to learn to use the clicker
• The training game - a game for people to see how it feels to be the dog
• Free shaping - how to teach a dog without talking or prompting
• Safe games for kids to play with puppies
• Sit
• Down
• Off and retrieve
• Roll over
• Come when called
• Jump over an obstacle
• Target training - this is how service dogs are trained to push buttons 

• High five 

Bonus Tracks:

• Training tips - tips to help make clicker training sessions go smoothly
• Clicker critter - clicker training rabbits, ferrets and hamsters
• TAGteach - clicker training applied to people
• Learn to Speak Dog - dog bite prevention information