Fido Refined Dvd - Teaching Impulse Control To Your Excitable Dog

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Virginia (Broitman) Dare
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70 mins
North Star Canines / Virginia (Broitman) Dare

Good manners begin at home. The exercises featured on this DVD are designed to improve your dogs' impulse control in daily situations that typically spark excitable behavior. As they learn to remain calm and composed, we use whatever they most desire in that moment -- such as an activity, attention, a toy or food -- to reinforce their good behavior.

The topics covered in this DVD include:

* Taking food gently from your hand
* Self-control around favorite toys
* Elegant manners at mealtime
* Impulse control around training treats
* Polite behavior
* Calm behavior before outdoor walks
* Waiting patiently at opened doors
* Calm and quiet crate behavior

A terrific video, both in theory and in presentation! The menu is easy to follow, and each exercise clearly demonstrates Virginia's techniques for improving a dog's self control, using the reward most desired by each individual dog. (The humor is an added bonus!) The video demonstrates the timing, the positions of both dog and human, and the desired responses, in a way that's very easy to understand and excellent for all age groups - from children to adults. Also, a truly valuable teaching tool for the canine professional's library, providing sound, basic instruction in impulse control training.

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