Mastering Jumping Skills for Awesome Agility Dogs

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perform multiple lead changes
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Linda Mecklenburg
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Help your dog become the best jumper he can be!

The sport of dog agility has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Improved training and handling techniques have produced much better communication between us and our dogs. As a result, dogs are traveling at much greater speeds. Course designs have become more complicated and the jumping challenges our dogs face have significantly increased in level of difficulty, variety, and frequency. Multiple changes of direction, variable distances, wraps greater than 180 , pull-throughs (threadles), and every imaginable approach (including angled and landing side), all contribute to more difficult jumping efforts. Having the option of a front or backside approach leads to tougher discrimination challenges. The mechanics of these more difficult jumping skills are not only technically challenging from a handling aspect, they can be physically demanding for the dog.

The jumping skills required of our dogs are no longer limited to collection and extension, our dogs must also be able to bend, slice, dive, shape, perform multiple lead changes, transition fluidly from extension to collection and back to extension again, weight shift, and still manage to jump cleanly. Our dogs must learn to look downstream on course and make striding adjustments accordingly. And, they must make split-second decisions about how to execute all of this at top speed, while paying attention to our cues!

Mastering Jumping Skills is a comprehensive jumping program designed to prepare your dog for the jumping challenges that he will face in agility. The program is appropriate for young dogs just beginning their jump training as well as for more experienced dogs that need to improve their skills. With a solid foundation and training, all dogs have the potential to become successful jumping dogs.

Volume 1 contains over 350 training drills and over 750 color photos. As an added bonus, there is an entire 45-page chapter written by Bobbie Lyons, Cert CF, that includes exercises suitable for an individualized overall fitness program as well as specialized exercises for improving the specific jumping skills taught in the program.

Linda Mecklenburg is one of the most accomplished agility trainers and instructors in the U.S. She and her students have achieved the highest levels of success in dog agility. Linda has represented the U.S. in international competition on 12 different occasions with four different dogs. She has earned gold and silver medals at the prestigious FCI Agility World Championships, in addition to earning multiple top-ten individual placements at that event with two different dogs. At her Awesome Paws training facility and through video consultation, she helps students solve a wide range of jumping problems and shows them how their handling influences their dogs' jumping ability.