The Dog-Driven Search: Handling Our Nose Work Dogs to Promote Independence, Joy, and Enthusiasm

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Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg
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Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg
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The Dog-Driven Search is a handler's guide to working with a dog in the wonderful sport of nose work. Authors Zinn and Sternberg provide detailed explanations of human body language and the nonverbal conversations we are always having with our dogs. This book teaches the human half of the team how to fully support and trust the canine half of the team, so together they can experience the wonder of engaging in the dog's olfactory world.

Dana Zinn began her dog training career in 1998. She crafted her skills while volunteering, and eventually working at a shelter in Los Angeles. She then started her own dog training business where she helped clients with issues ranging from puppy training to aggression. Dana has studied under and worked with some of the top trainers and behaviorists in the country.

Sue Sternberg has devoted her personal and professional life to helping dogs and people live together happily. She is the author of numerous books and DVDs on dog adoption, canine body language and behavior, especially aggression. Her work educating shelter personnel on training, temperament testing and environmental enrichment has helped countless dogs find their forever homes.

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  • 5
    The Dog-Driven Search

    Posted by CJ Campbell on 4th Mar 2024

    This is the best dog-training book I’ve ever put my hands on. Clearly written with tons of pictures that make each topic easy to understand, the book makes learning how to support your dog in a search an absolute joy. I honestly feel that the principles in this book can help with any dog sport and I hope to see lots of “dog-driven” ripples in the dog sport world pond!

  • 5
    The Dog-Driven Search

    Posted by Jim pslumbo on 4th Mar 2024

    This book is a must for anyone participating in Nosework with their dog. Whether you are new to the sport, or have been doing it for 10 years like me, I guarantee you will learn things that will help to make you a better handler and teammate for your partner.

  • 5
    The dog driven search

    Posted by Marcella Steele Edelbrock on 4th Mar 2024

    A book that will help you be a better partner to your nose work dog…

  • 5
    Beautifully written-Clearly defines the ‘How’ to achieving a Dog-Driven Search!

    Posted by Pam Oldfield on 4th Mar 2024

    This book is true to its Title and Purpose. It clearly lays out how we as handlers can allow our dogs to achieve their full potential of JOY in searching and dispels many of the ‘myths’ we’ve picked up along the way. My two Shetland Sheepdogs give a hearty PAWS UP to what they see from their end of the leash!

  • 5
    Revolutionary Advice!

    Posted by Anne on 4th Mar 2024

    I wish this book had existed almost a decade ago when I first started my nose work journey with my dog. I wish it had even existed a few years ago, when we advanced to the higher levels. But I'm so very grateful it exists at all. This comprehensive guide to playing nose work with the dog in mind, is straight-forward and easy to follow, with plenty of examples, pictures, and suggested exercises. But it's also revolutionary in its centering of the dog in nose work, and flips so much of what I thought I knew about handling on its head. I'm grateful for the advice, and even though it's come late in my current team's journey, it's been life-changing for us.

  • 5
    The dog-driven search

    Posted by Amy Conrad on 4th Mar 2024

    What a wonderful book! Such a great resource for anyone interested in the sport. There would be so thing for everyone to think about after reading this book even if you don’t implement the changes. It had easy to follow examples and comparisons help make their instruction very clear.

  • 5
    Excellent book on how to work your dog

    Posted by Lori Yearian on 4th Mar 2024

    Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is willing to try new ways.

  • 5
    The Dog Driven Search

    Posted by Kristine on 4th Mar 2024

    Excellent resource for anyone at any level of scentwork sports. Very good descriptions that break down the search from your dog's perspective and how you as the handler can help be a respectful abd supportive partner. Really descriptive, simple, pictures clearly showing training concepts on every page. well worth the tead, and re-read.