2x2 Weave Pole Training Dvd

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Susan Garrett
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Susan Garrett
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Never before has there been such a groundbreaking change in the way dogs are trained in the sport of dog agility. Susan Garrett's revolutionary 2x2 weave training method will take a skill that people previously struggled with for 6-8 months and turn it into one that can be brilliantly trained in just weeks!

This 2-disc DVD set will allow you to witness not only how easily Susan trained her own young dog to weave from start to finish but also how she worked through the 2x2 process with a borrowed dog with whom she had no previous experience. This unique instructional format allows the viewer to witness both the possibilities of amazing weave poles in a matter of days and how to work through the normal challenges anyone may encounter while training his or her own dog using the 2x2 method. Step-by-step instruction and methodically laid out demonstrations will show you not only what to do when things go wrong and but also how to push your dog when things go well. Included on disc two are advanced weave drills that will challenge the understanding of even the most experienced agility dog. A 15-page pdf file is also included, with instructions and record-keeping sheets to be printed out for a useful reminder while you train.

Disc One: Disc one takes the viewer methodically through the 2x2 process in detail. The filming of this disc took place over 12 consecutive days, during which Susan trained a student's dog from start to brilliant finish. The results speak for themselves as the 13-month-old puppy shows off phenomenal weaving skill by the end of the12 days. The process requires very little equipment and only minutes a day of training time.

Disc Two: Disc two will challenge the knowledge of any world-class agility dog. Unbelievably difficult weave pole entries and proofing games are all made to look easy with Susan's own 2x2 trained, 14-month-old puppy. The That Ain't Right weave game is among the many exercises on disc 2 aimed at helping to solidify your dog's understanding of weaving.

Regardless of whether you are a novice agility enthusiast just starting out in the sport or a seasoned professional giving seminars yourself, this DVD set will change your approach to weave pole training forever!

Bonus Materials: 15-page workbook in PDF format

About Susan:

Every dog Susan Garrett has owned has become a national agility champion. In total her dogs have won two World Championships and 18 National Championships (11 in the United States and 7 in Canada) at 6 different jump heights (8 ,12 ,16 , 22 , 24 & 26 ). Her innovative approach to training has earned her worldwide recognition as a leading educator of dog trainers.

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