A Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs: And their Handlers

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Christy Judah
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Christy Judah

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This tribute provides a glimpse into the unique bond between search and rescue dogs and their handlers. Nearly 100 handlers shared their deepest thoughts ranging from the elation of a successful search to the deepest depression after losing a partner. These anthologies were compiled so that we shall always remember them...the amazing SAR dogs, their handlers and trainers. Handlers from across the USA have come together to preserve the memories of their canine partners over the course of the last fifty years and hundreds of search missions. Examples of canine bravery, handler frustration, extreme courage, loyalty, and love for their canines are shared as the handlers from California, Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Wyoming, New York, Florida, Texas, Vermont, North Carolina and many points between share their experiences. These heart-warming memories foster a deep appreciation for the skills and services provided by search and rescue personnel. Thank you to all.


Christy began in SAR in1997 and continues to provide SAR services throughout the Carolina's. She has certified three SAR dogs and served as the Chief and Lead K9 Trainer of the Brunswick Search and Rescue Team fro 14 years. She has written several SAR training books including Building a Basic Foundation for Search and Rescue Dog Training, Buzzards and Butterflies: Human Remains Detection Dogs, Water Search: Finding Drowned Victims, Meet the SAR Dogs, Building a Basic Foundation for Search and Rescue Dog Training, and Search and Rescue Training Logs & Journals. She also writes local North Carolina History, Plantations and Slave history. She currently resides in Sampson County, NC.