Adding Blind Crosses To Your Handling System Dvd

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Barb Davis
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61 Min
Barb Davis
Given the opportunity, would you partake in an agility voyage of discovery if it would: make you instantly faster; let you see clearly where you are on course; let you set certain lines for your dog with more precision; and minimize stress on your joints and body? This is the journey Barb Davis has been on as she has incorporated the use of blind crosses into her handling system. Get set to start your own exciting journey, as Barb shares the insights and training exercises she developed from the experiences she encountered during her own adventure.

This DVD covers:
*What foundation training should be in place before you begin training blind crosses
*Training a strong blind cross cue
*Exercises to build your dog's understanding of the blind cross cue
*The importance of timing when using a blind cross
*Applications of where you might use a blind cross
*How to train R.I.F. & R.O.F.
*Explanations of why Barb prefers a blind cross in certain sequences
*Examples of common errors
*Agility trial footage of her use of blind crosses followed by a slow motion clip explaining why Barb chose to use it in a certain sequence
Hop aboard and enjoy the journey as you expand your handling system.

About the Author
Barb Davis is a 7-time AKC/USA World Team member and a 6-time national agility champion. She gives seminars throughout the USA and Canada.