All About Landing Side Approaches

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Daisy Peel
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Daisy Peel & Daisy Creative LLC

What do tunnel discriminations, threadles, and pushes to the backside all have in common? 

They all involve landing side approaches. 

What are landing side approaches, and why do you need to teach your dog about them? 

A landing side approach occurs when your dog must approach an obstacle from the landing side of the obstacle rather than the takeoff side, as is the usual on course. This means your dog actually has to pass the takeoff side of the obstacle to get to the landing side of the obstacle. This can be a real problem on an agility course if you can't be in a position to change your dog's natural path to put him on a path to the correct side of the obstacle. The idea of passing by an obstacle that they will then take is a difficult concept for may dogs, particularly those whose experience tells them that obstacles on their path should be taken in a forward and logical manner! 

In addition to requiring more mental effort on the part of your dog, landing side approaches often require a more complex mechanical and physical effort as well. 

All About Landing Side Approaches is a self-study course that will help you and your dog master the challenge of approaching tunnels and jumps from the landing side, rather than from the usual takeoff side. At the end of the course you will have trained two verbal cues for a tunnel and three verbal cues for a jump so that you can tell your dog what you need him to do even when you're not in a position to help him. 

You’ll never look at tunnel discriminations, threadles, or backsides the same way again!