Ebook: Animal Assisted Interventions - Professionals Embrace the Power of the Dog

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Sara Karlberg and Helena Eriksson
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Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB
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This is a book for anyone who wants to learn more about what a social working dog is. Maybe you’re curious about what it might be like to work in a school or some form of health care together with your best friend? Maybe you’ve already done an assessment test and are looking for or have already started the course that best suits you? Or maybe you have a family member who you think would benefit from sessions with a dog team but want to know a little more before you propose it?

The authors have based the contents of this book on the situation in Sweden and cover everything from why dogs function so well with people who are in need of support, to how to select a suitable dog for the job. They give you tips on how to start training basic skills, finding the course that suits you best, and what you should think about when you have a certified social working dog. You will also read about important things to keep in mind when introducing a certified dog into the workplace.

Thirteen dog handlers tell their stories about a day at work with their best friend and colleague. The book also contains quotes from employers who have invited a dog team into their workplace. Animal Assisted Interventions – Professionals Embrace the Power of the Dog is simply a book that educates as well as moves you.

Together, Sara Karlberg and Helena Eriksson have a great deal of experience in both training and working with social working dogs. They are both dog handlers, and Sara runs Svenska Terapihundskolan where Helena has been working as a teacher since the very beginning. Sara’s background is in communication and public health sciences. Helena is a social worker and the manager of a recreational therapy facility. In this book, they share their collective knowledge of and love for the dog, both as best friend and colleague.