Bad To the Bone: Analyzing and Assessing Dog Bites DVD

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Cara Shannon
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1 hr 51 Mins
Raising Canine, LLC

Anyone dealing with aggressive dogs, shelter dogs, or investigating dog bites will find this DVD invaluable. It explains the dog-human and dog-dog bite hierarchies with thorough descriptions of the bites, mitigating and aggravating factors (and other factors) using photographs, charts, case studies and analysis notes. 

Understanding the potential damage a dog is likely to do in future aggressive incidents is one of the most important skills you can have when working with behavior problems. Building on the work begun by Dr. Ian Dunbar in categorizing dog bites through the use of a linear hierarchy and consulting with a veterinary behaviorist, emergency room veterinarian, emergency room physician, general practice physician, and many experts in the field of canine behavior, Cara Shannon presents comprehensive bite hierarchies for analyzing bites to humans and bites to other dogs. She then uses photos and case studies to help consultants gain fluency in applying the hierarchy to actual cases and bites. 

* Hierarchy Charts and Note Cards
* Case Studies and Analysis Notes
* Sample Veterinary Release Forms
* Sample History Forms 

“Wow! Cara’s credentials give this DVD credibility and she really did her homework. Good stuff for every instructor’s breadth and depth of knowledge.” - Terry Ryan, author "Coaching People to Train Their Dogs" 

“From an eight-level bite hierarchy to factors affecting intensity of bruising, Cara Shannon has created a useful structure for canine professionals who seek an in-depth assessment tool for dog bites.” - Nicole Wilde, CPDT-KA, author “Getting a Grip on Aggression Cases” 

"Cara Shannon’s DVD “Bad to the Bone” represents a major step forward in the analysis and treatment of dog bite behavior. Clear and easy to understand, the video presentation and accompanying resource material will be invaluable to consultants in their work with families and their dogs." - Jim Barry, CDBC, CPDT-KA, author "The Ethical Dog Trainer"; Co-author, "Positive Gun Dogs"

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