Bark Alert: Search Dog Development With Search Strategy Training

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Mary Ann Warren
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Tellwell Talent

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The Bark Alert trained search dog tells their handler when they have found a missing person. The Bark Alert search dog stays with that missing person to give them comfort knowing that help is on the way.

That is the happy ending we all want to hear about when a person goes missing. But how did that Bark Alert search dog find that missing person and how did they know what to do to get their handler to come to them?

The Bark Alert-Search Dog Development with Search Strategy training book covers in-depth processes; from teaching the bark to teaching how to search this book helps develop both the handler and the dog team. The foundation building from these processes, that are found in this book, are required in order to produce the confident, reliability search dog and handler team to the certification level.

Mary Ann Warren has over 25 years of volunteer experience working as a search dog handler in the profiles of live find, disaster, water and human remains detection. She has been the volunteer trainer and Training Director with the Search & Rescue Dog Association of Alberta for over 20 years, aiding in their members search dog and handler team's development. Professionally she has been a dog trainer for over 35 years, learning all she can in the dog obedience, tracking, search and detection world.

Mary Ann is an accomplished author of many training documents with one published book on Human Remains training. She has be awarded, for years of service, pins and medals from the RCMP, Edmonton City Police, Office of the Fire Commissionaire, Alberta and The Search & Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada, with many police agency acknowledgements for finding the missing person.