Bat 2.0 Series: Complete Dvd Set

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Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA
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6 Disc DVD Set
Tawzer Dog Videos

BAT 2.0 Series is a bundled package of 6 individual DVD titles encompassing Grisha's Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0

DVDs included in this bundle are:

1. Talk With Me! Simple Steps for 2-Way Understanding Between Dogs and People - An Empowered Animals DVD (run time: 1 hr 37 mins): Many people talk TO their dogs, but not with them. Did you know that you can ask your dog questions and get answers back? It's not telepathy; it just takes an understanding of body language, animal learning, consistency, and creativity. Actively focusing on communication between humans and dogs allows us to live more peacefully with our canine family members. With some simple changes in how you interact with your dog, you can more thoroughly understand his needs and also help him understand and respond to yours, too. This thought-provoking video will change your relationship with your dog. The information is appropriate for anyone who interacts with dogs on a personal or professional level.

2. Walk with Me! Safety, Fun, and Freedom with Leash Training for You and Your Dog- An Empowered Animals DVD (run time: 1 hr 26 mins): Two of the major problems people have with their dogs are 1) pulling on leash and 2) reactivity on leash. These two problems are related and can be helped with the techniques in this video. Both ends of the leash get training in this practical video for trainers and pet owners. It takes two to pull, so training people and dogs together makes for a very effective solution. The three major topics covered are: BAT Leash Skills for People, Loose Leash Walking and Heel. Grisha does practical demonstrations of when to use each skill, breaking them down into easy-to-learn steps. She also explains several ways to teach heel and loose leash walking, since not every technique fits every dog.

3. Problem Prevention in Puppies and Dogs: an Empowered Approach to Life with Dogs- An Empowered Animals DVD (run time: 2 hrs 32 mins): Taking force-free training a step further - from reinforcement to empowerment - Grisha focuses on helping dogs meet their needs in appropriate ways. Doing so can prevent and eliminate many of the behaviors that humans don't like. Empowerment is not only an efficient way to train our dogs, it is a big step in the direction of a high standard of humane care for the dogs who share our lives. Grisha uses practical demonstrations to teach various skills, clarifies where problems come from, and explains how to mesh the needs of your dog with the needs of your family and the rest of human society. This is a must-view video for breeders, puppy parents, dog owners, and professional dog trainers.

4. Survival Skills: Coping with Dog Reactivity in Real Life (run time: 1 hr 12 mins): Best known for the technique of Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), Grisha also understands that it's not always possible to train in the ideal way, with the dog learning at his own pace. Sometimes we just don't want to be the one holding the leash with the barking-lunging-freaking-out-dog at the other end. This video has practical solutions to help dogs hold it together on everyday walks. The dog can't do all of the work sometimes that is your job, as the one with the larger brain and the thumbs. One major difference between savvy dog trainers and regular pet lovers is that good professional trainers know how to take charge and set dogs up for success. But even pro trainers sometimes manage too much. It's a fine line. Grisha suggests a path between 1) reacting only when the dog is too excited to listen and 2) micromanaging to the point where the dog is not learning. She will teach you ways to prevent problems before they start, react when you have to, and set the dog up to learn as much as possible from each situation.

5. BAT 2.0 Set-Ups: How to Orchestrate Basic Set-Ups and Variations with Dogs (run time: 1 hr 19 mins): Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) helps dogs gain confidence and social skills by arranging scenarios that allow a dog to explore and learn. Originally developed in 2009, BAT 2.0 is the updated version that is simpler, faster, and easier for dogs and people to do. BAT is effective for many kinds of reactivity, from fear to frustration to proper' aggression. This video has several live demonstrations and explanations of BAT 2.0. Whether you are familiar with BAT or not, this video will help you understand how to put this effective tool to work. This is a short introduction to the technique, with variations. It should be enough for professionals to start implementing BAT. If you are not a dog trainer or behaviorist, you will still find this helpful, but Grisha recommends working with a Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI) or a trainer who is experienced with reactivity, and is familiar with this latest version of BAT.

6. BAT for Geeks: A Technical Perspective on Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0 (run time: 1 hr 27 mins): Why does BAT work? What's the science behind it? What's under the hood?' What about ethics and the quadrants? Grisha is fascinated by animal behavior and with the inquisitive mind of a mathematician, questions like these are often on Grisha's mind. This video takes a technical look at BAT, mostly through the lens of applied behavior analysis. Join Grisha for whirlwind tour of various studies and their application to BAT. If you are ready to geek out about BAT, this video is for you.

Grisha Stewart is an author, international speaker, and dog trainer who specializes in dog reactivity. She owns Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle, which has earned many awards, including Best of Western Washington. Ahimsa is a Buddhist doctrine of nonviolence to all living things, which reflects Grisha's focus on force-free methods to promote the well-being of dogs and their humans.

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    Bat 2.0 DVDs Series

    Posted by Tina Quinn on 25th Aug 2020

    Haven't watched all of them yet but finding them excellent and helping me with my anxious dog. I also have the book