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Pat Miller
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Dogwise Publishing
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Be (more) aware!
Here is your road map to evaluating, managing and modifying aggressive behavior in pet dogs. Beware of the Dog offers a wide-ranging look at all types of aggression and the way these troublesome behaviors develop. It explains the latest protocols for evaluating and dealing with the problems of aggressive dogs from classical conditioning to operant conditioning, and prescribes management strategies that really work. Written in an easy-to-understand style that meets the needs of trainers as well as the motivated dog owner.

Pat's new book should be on the desk, not the bookshelf, of every professional studying or working with aggression cases. It will become your go to reference manual for all case management and behavior modification protocols. Your personal copy will quickly become dog-eared, highlighted, bookmarked, smudged with fingerprints, annotations and filled with post-it notes.
Niki Tudge, President of the Pet Professional Guild and author of People Training Skills for Pet Professionals

Full of engaging anecdotes that illustrate Pat's approach, which is steadfastly force-free and humane.
Jean Donaldson, Founder, The Academy for Dog Trainers and author of The Culture Clash, MINE and FIGHT

Beware of the Dog has become my number one resource for dealing with aggressive dogs. It's filled with up-to-date, dog-friendly scientific methods that every trainer should know, in an easy-to-understand format that pet parents can understand. If you train, live with, or know someone with a dog who displays aggressive behaviors, this is the book to get!
Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA, author of All About Dog Daycare, and co-founder of The Dog Gurus

This book provides a good overview of the causes of aggression as well as the techniques used to manage and modify that unwanted behavior. It will be a useful resource to the dog owner struggling to understand WHY their dog is behaving this way and HOW to help their pet in a positive and constructive manner.
Leslie Sinn, DVM, CPDT-KA, Founder of Behavior Solutions for Pets, Hamilton, VA

Pat Miller has written an ideal response to a culture that has become sensitized to problems of dog aggression. She provides a detailed critique of the futility and in-humaneness of strong-armed dominance tactics that still attract followers and provides sound antidotes in the form of rational, scientific and effective approaches that strive to enhance the communication between people and dogs to everyone's benefit.
Randall Lockwood, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, ASPCA

Pat Miller has given us the ultimate positive blueprint for helping dogs with aggression. She dispels the common myths about aggression, provides guidance for navigating what can be a frightening world for many of our pets, and helps to bring peace back into the homes of families living with aggression. This is Pat Miller at her finest!
Dr Lynn Honeckman, Veterinary Behavior Solutions, Orlando, FL.

Author Pat Miller is the author of several best selling books on dogs and writes a column for the Whole Dog Journal. She and her husband live with their canine, feline, porcine and equine family in Fairplay, Maryland. Learn more about Pat and her programs at

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