Beyond The Back Yard - Train Your Dog To Listen Anytime, Anywhere!

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Denise Fenzi
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Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

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You are a dedicated pet owner who has put considerable time and energy into training your dog. As a result, your dog has a reliable set of behaviors such as sit, down, stay and a recall - under pristine conditions. But now you're stumped; you're unsure how to get those behaviors away from home and off leash - in short; when you really need cooperation!

This book will help you gain cooperation under a range of circumstances and with only about ten minutes of training time per day! This book will take you through a systematic and comprehensive plan to get you where you want to be:

A reliable companion who cooperates off leash, away from home and .when other things are going on around you!

This book has been split into three parts:
The first part is educational. It provides information about the theory and philosophy of training. This section will be valuable for everyone, but especially if you're the kind of person who likes to know why you're doing something a certain way before you do it.

The second part is practical. It's the how-to part of the book. Here, Denise lays out the plan you'll be following to help your dog respond to your cues even when the world is exciting or you don't have cookies. This portion is extremely systematic and specific.

Finally, the third part is problem-solving. It will help you troubleshoot any issues that arise. In addition, if you find that you really enjoyed the training process, it will guide you in finding more opportunities for you and your dog!

There is a companion book available for you, if you want to run classes focused the distraction method of training presented in this book. To access these materials, please visit: and select free downloads from the left hand menu.

As a book owner, you will be able to register online for access to the member area for Juvenile Delinquent Dogs book owners, which includes additional articles and videos to supplement the book content.

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    Beyond the Back Yard

    Posted by Allyson Tohme on 7th Sep 2022

    This book is ideal for first time dog owners as a “second” book or for established owners who might wish to participate in activities beyond a daily walk as it is a useful reference tool to reinforce class lessons from an experienced instructor. Denise opens with asking the reader if this is the right book for them. 1 Can their dog perform a variety of basic behaviours such as sit, come, stay, and walk nicely on a leash? As these are the skills needed if they want to make use of this publication. 2 Can their dog perform those behaviours away from home, without a cookie in their hand, or under distraction? If the answer is “not so much” then this is exactly the right book for them. Part One of the book focuses on ensuring the reader understands the ideas explored later in an accessible manner with minimal use of jargon. In this section how dogs learn, what motivates the reader’s dog as well as what do they really know are discussed. What I particularly like about this segment is that “generalisation” is not just introduced as a nebulous concept but explored in detail re duration, intensity, proximity, orientation, controlled/uncontrolled distractions which gives the reader the opportunity to reflect on what they may have hitherto not considered. Part Two of the publication focuses on introducing distractions with a detailed lesson plan of ten as well as how to establish behaviours in any location, fade treats and replace them with life rewards. The final section of the book concentrates on problem solving, reactivity and briefly mentions sports the reader may want to get involved in. I like this book very much and it will be invaluable to so many with its clear programme of progression.

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    Great Concept But......

    Posted by Ron on 27th Oct 2018

    This is an example of a much needed book on getting our dogs attention anywhere and at anytime but does not deliver . Why? Because the presentation and the laying out of its theme and concepts does little in holding your interest as a reader. Once again, loved the idea but what is needed is a much better and more seasoned written.