Border Collies A Breed Apart Book Two: Essential Life Skills & Learning

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Carol Price
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Carol Price and First Stone Publishing

In book one of the ground breaking three part series, Border Collies- A Breed Apart, highly respected author Carol Price explored the origins and nature of the Border Collie. In this second volume, she focuses on the training process. She explores the training challenges that typically face Border Collie owners, explaining why these occur and how by tailoring a training program better suited to the individual mind of the Collie, we can successfully work through them. Price shares what she believes to be the all- important exercises and lessons that Collies must learn, putting considerable emphasis on essential life skills, something she believes can often be overlooked or ignored, and is paramount to creating a happy, well-adjusted dog that will excel in training. 

Described by head of the Border Collie Trust, Ben Wilkes as “A series that could change your understanding of Border Collies forever.”, this book will increase your knowledge of this special breed, helping you get the most out of your relationship.