Charm Your Pet Parents Like You Train Their Pets Dvd

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Shawna Schuh
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Tawzer Dog LLC

You know how to train; you pay attention, you use all your senses, you understand when you act and when you remain still. What if you could charm your pet parents as easily and well? Wouldn t that mean more business for you? Happier clients and in turn more referrals? Learn how easy and effective it is to be a charmer as well as a trainer, and see what happens to your pet business.

Shawna Schuh, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional) is an Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and the President of Women in the Pet Industry Network.

Shawna has spent the last 3 decades, (she started really young) working with professionals and creating content that will help them think more strategically, communicate more effectively and present more powerfully.

Shawna helps pet professionals experience and profit from profound insights about themselves and their business.

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