Classics Of Training - Pet Obedience Class Instruction & Teaching Pet People DVD

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Leslie Nelson
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4 hrs and 55 mins
Healthy Dog Productions

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A Classics of Training DVD Collection featuring Leslie Nelson. Disc 1 is Pet Obedience Class Instruction; Disc 2 is Teaching Pet People.

Pet Obedience Class Instructions shows that an "all positive" pet class can be successful. And the students love it! Leslie illustrates enlightened techniques used in her family dog program for instructing pet obedience classes, behavior consultations, and problem solving. She introduces the Really Reliable Recall in her class instruction as well as her program for balancing the owner/dog relationship. 

Teaching Pet People is a thorough explanation of what punishment does, why it is inappropriate for pet dog trainers and where traditional class structure fails the pet dog student. Includes video examples of strategies from her own classes for setting up the human half of the team for success.

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