Coaching People to Train Their Dogs DVD- Course 1 & 2, 2nd Edition

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Terry Ryan
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21 HRS & 35 MINS
Tawzer Dog Videos

This is a 2nd Edition and completely new presentation of the two week seminar. It includes power points, lecture, hands-on, demonstrations, and live workshops that follow the content of Terry’s book by the same name. It is an excellent resource to supplement the book. (*21 CEUs available through with proof of purchase) (DVD COVERS MAY VARY AND CHANGE)

This set includes the complete two week course of Coaching People To Train Their Dogs (Course I & II). There are breakout presentations included with this set to provide easy access and to allow for them to be purchased separately. In addition to Coaching People To Train Their Dogs (4 DVDs) the following separate titles taped during the course are included: Poultry In Motion - Clicker Training Chickens as a Pathway to Training Dogs (3 DVDs); Teaching Pet Dog Manners (3 DVDs); Teaching Puppy Headstart (1 DVD); Body Language (1 DVD).

Subjects discussed include:
Behavior Problems, Business Tips, Chicken Training, Class Organization, Dog Training, Ethology, Body Language, Family Dog Skills, Children & Dogs, Husbandry, Dog Care, Instruction, People Skills, Learning Theory, Application, Observation, Puppy Development, Pet Dog Manners, and Class Orientation.

CLASS ORGANIZATION covers instructional formatting, orientation strategies, homework headstart, handouts, traffic control, personal space issues and fifty ways to stop barking in class. Evaluating progress, flexibility in methods, is shown in three levels: Pet Dog Manners I, Pet Dog Manners II and Continuing Education classes.

DOG TRAINING / HANDS ON is a concise overview of motivational training methods. Each student is "issued" a dog from the local community to practice new techniques, fitting equipment, play games and classroom procedures. Course I students will do "The Art of Shaping" - teaching dogs to paint a picture (a Dog Scouts of America badge) and a scenting exercise. We use the same methods used with the chicken training. Course II exercises will include chaining behaviors.

ETHOLOGY / BODY LANGUAGE follows the path of domestication; how dogs view our world; canine body language including stress identification and reduction; matters of space and resources; the social development of dogs with an emphasis on puppies; agnostic behavior. Lot's of video evaluation.

FAMILY DOG SKILLS / CHILDREN & DOGS instructs on supervision of children and dogs, good games to play, multitasking for parents of dogs and children. Also includes Bite awareness - how to keep dogs and children safe.

HUSBANDRY / DOG CARE Course I, Environmental Enrichment. Examples, demonstrations and products provided in several of the other listed topics.

INSTRUCTION / PEOPLE SKILLS includes crafting your information into messages readily understood by client learning styles. The six hats (E. DeBono) method of communication exchange; changing negatives into positives; explanation strategies, demonstration techniques, individual coaching methods.

LEARNING THEORY / APPLICATION Classical and operant conditioning, the power of extinction, surfing the extinction burst. Most of the information given is practiced throughout the course with chickens, dogs and each other! Learning theory is one category in the Legacy "Jeopardy" game. It was designed to help people prepare for the national CPDT examination.

OBSERVATION / PARTICIPATION, LEGACY CLASSES You will observe Legacy instructors and student instructors teaching one or more of the following classes: "Your S.O.C.I.A.L. Puppy", "Pet Dog Manners" I, "Pet Dog Manners II", and one of our twenty or so continuing education (Level III) classes. We practice collecting data for a dog and human ethogram, evaluating temperaments and methods.

PUPPY HEADSTART, SOCIALIZATION, TRAINING Students observe a class, then plan a lesson and teach (under supervision!) at one of our twice-a-week free puppy drop in session.

LIVE CLIENT ORIENTATION takes you inside Legacy Canine for a real client orientation night. Terry talks to new clients and demonstrates what should be covered in any orientation event.

*CEU Certification Procedure: This program is not intended to discourage participation in the live course; therefore CEUs can only be obtained with proof of DVD purchase and not available on rentals.

To receive your CEUs through DVD, please follow these steps:

1.Send an email to with the following information included: (your name, address phone, CPDT Member #, and DVD Title you are applying for).
2.Must attach proof of purchase (Dogwise Order # or receipt) to the email.
3.In the subject line of the email write "Apply for CEU"
4.Once Tawzer has received your initial request, they will email you back a short test to take that correlates with the DVD.
5.Complete the test and send it back to Tawzer via email.
6.Your test will be reviewed for a passing grade. (This can take a few days depending on volume of requests)
7.And finally Tawzer will email your attendance form for you to submit to CPDT and receive your units.