Collie Psychology: Inside The Border Collie Mind (Paperback)

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Carol Price
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First Stone Publishing
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Imported from the UK and now in paperback! 

It has often been said that the Border Collie is the breed that has it all – brains and beauty. Initially bred to herd sheep, over time the Border Collie has developed into one of the most varied and versatile of all breeds, proving to be an expert in a huge number of fields including agility, obedience and working trials. 

However, despite their many obvious talents, the strong instinct, drive and sensitivity of this breed has meant that the Border Collie is certainly not the most straightforward of dogs. 

In this book, Carol Price, canine behaviour specialist and Border Collie expert, helps us to understand the intricate workings of this special breed’s brain. Covering a wide range of topics from the history of the breed, to understanding herding instincts, the reason behind obsessive and manic behaviour and providing the recipe for raising a problem free dog, this book is enlightening for even the most experienced Collie owner. 

What experts are saying about Collie Psychology:
Carol Price gives us the most comprehensive insight into the life and mind of the beautiful Border Coolie. Every Border Collie owner or aspiring owner should be compelled to read this intelligent and minutely-detailed encyclopedia of this outstanding breed. A thoroughly good read and so well researched.
Clarissa A Baldwin, OBE, Chief Executive, Dog Trust 

This comprehensive book provides a thought provoking insight into an often misunderstood breed.
Ben Wilkes, Border Collie Trust of Great Britain 

Carol Price is a canine behaviourist, author and writer who has owned, trained, bred and worked with Border Collies for nearly 20 years. A former feature writer and commissioning editor on The Sunday Times (in London, UK), she has written for a wealth of national newspapers and magazines and is also author of the two best-selling books, Understanding the Border Collie and Understanding the rescue dog. Today Carol’s knowledge about dogs – particularly their psychology and behaviour – is much in demand. She is a regular contributor and advisor for both of the UK’s top-selling dog magazines, Your Dog and Dogs Today and spends much of her professional time helping owners with problem dogs. Carol has four Border Collies of her own. They keep her busy and fit!

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    Collie Psychology

    Posted by Donna Gates on 30th Nov 2018

    The best and most thorough book I've read on the essence of the border collie. I just bought five of these books to give to the new owners of the latest litter I'm raising. Highly recommended to new border collies owners and for folks that have had collies for years. I have have had border collies for 40 years and worked with them as performance dogs (herding and agility) and as pets. This book is awesome!