Controlled Aggression: In Theory & Practice (Shopworn)

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Jerry Bradshaw
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LuLu Press
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This long awaited volume from Jerry Bradshaw, renowned trainer, speaker, author and training Director of Tarheel Canine Training,Inc. explains in detail the development of a protection trained canine. The author develops a theoretically consistent approach to protection training for Police Canines and protection sport training. Selection testing, drive development, drive channeling, human-focus, out on command, redirects and call-offs are covered in a step by step approach that is clear and easy to implement.

What experts are saying about Controlled Aggression:
I just finished reading your book for the 2nd time. Damn good book! This should be required reading material for anyone handling or training a police service dog, or anyone doing protection work for that matter. I'm looking forward to your next book.
Sgt. Fred Yarbrough, Dawson County Sheriff's Office, K-9 Unit Georgia

This book presents a very detailed introduction to many important topics in police K9 Training - for K9 officers, the sections on eliminating equipment orientation, proper work in the bite suite, and the novel way in which the call off exercise is developed will help anyone with a strong dog develop clear and consistent outs and call-offs. Great book!
Sgt. Shawn Edwards, Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore MD