Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry

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Deborah A. Jones
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Deborah Jones
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Having trouble trimming your dog's nails or bathing him? Is your dog stressed in the vet's office? Wondering how to make the process of grooming and veterinary care more comfortable both for you and your dog? Then this is the book for you! Cooperative Care will cover seven main areas to help prepare your dog for all the necessary physical procedures that will keep him healthy and happy.

The methods in this book are based on positive reinforcement and allowing our pets the opportunity to choose to opt in and participate in our conditioning sessions. When we take the time to carefully observe our dog's behavior, read their stress signals, and respect their communication with us, it's just amazing how quickly we can replace suspicion with trust. Our goal is to empower our dogs and help them gain confidence in the husbandry process. Spending time preparing your dog for typical husbandry procedures is one of the best gifts you can give him!

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    For pet owners

    Posted by Donna on 11th Jul 2022

    This book outlines a step-by-step process for pet owners who want to gain confidence in training their dogs to willingly participate in everyday care techniques such as cleaning ears and being brushed. It doesn't have to end in confrontation or mutual distress. Best to start from puppyhood, but no reason same steps can't be applied to an older dog as though it's a puppy. If you've had a past dog that snarled, bit you, or lunged at the vet , where every interaction made you wary or nervous about taking your dog to the vet, and you don't want to go through that again, then please be proactive and try THIS book.

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    Cooperative Care

    Posted by Helen on 30th Dec 2020

    Well presented material on husbandry care for your dog. Covers the ways in which to get your dog to accept having different procedures such as exams, grooming and medications. Covers different tools and situations. Also has several case studies.

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    Better Dog Handling

    Posted by Amy Kattan on 7th Oct 2019

    Excellent book for those wanting to bond with their dogs positively and get better results. Good positive reinforcement methods in working with your dog. I recommend it as essential reading for those in the dog training industry.