Crate Games - for Self Control and Motivation Dvd

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Susan Garrett
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85 mins.
Susan Garrett
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Featuring puppies as young as 9 weeks and dogs much older, "Crate Games" gives step-by-step instruction.

Allows anyone to produce:
* Focus and motivation for work
* A dog that can relax in his crate even while you work another dog
* A phenomenal sit stay
* A speedy and dependable recall
* Distance skills for obedience or agility
* Self- rather then imposed-control
* A remarkable working relationship
* Confidence while being proofed during any tough distraction
* A dog that keenly offers responses when being shaped
* ...and much more!

See why the cornerstone of Susan Garrett's amazingly successful dog training program is now being implemented in training schools all over the world!

What reviewers are saying...

Acclaimed Canadian dog trainer and accomplished agility competitor Susan Garrett has given us the best thing since the creation of crates and Kongs. Crate Games proves that crates need not be limited to their historical roles in housetraining and management. Rather, crates can fulfill their real potential as opportunities for reinforcement. Very affordably priced, this 85-minute DVD should be a stocking stuffer for every new puppy owner. The self control and motivation part of the DVD's title captures the essence of Garrett's message. By shaping a dog's desire to go into the crate and not come out until verbally released, owners hone their training skills in applying clear criterion to a training exercise while the dog practices self control. Practiced according to the rules of Crate Games, owners produce a dog who is also quite motivated to get back into the crate. From an agility trainer's perspective it is the combination of self control and motivation that makes this DVD a winner. Garrett believes that a team's ability to master the various elements outlined in Crate Games is a strong predictor of that team's ability to adhere to criterion for two-on-two-off contact obstacle performance. If that's not motivation enough for an agility trainer, I don't know what is! Garrett starts by listing 20 benefits to training Crate Games. About half apply to pet owners and the other half focus on performance dogs. The DVD is broken into four main stages of training: Stage 1, I Love My Crate: Covers the basics of reinforcing the dog for being in the crate Stage 2, Are You a Gambler?: Presents the dog with choices in order to reinforce correct choices and give feedback about incorrect ones. Stage 3, Yer Out Yer In: Tests the dog's love of the crate by releasing him from the crate and waiting to see if he will go back in. Stage 4, Scholarly Elements: Covers adding a cue, adding distance, how to use the crate to do motivational recalls, adding distractions, and how to apply the lessons learned to other situations (e.g., agility start lines). My only criticism with Crate Games was that the only footage dedicated to shaping a dog to go into the crate initially was buried way back in the Troubleshooting section under the chapter about overcoming fear. The only reference to it didn't come until the very end of the DVD. Demonstrating the shaping process in an earlier section would avoid people pushing and prodding their dogs, and would help them learn about the art of shaping, the core training technique used in the DVD. The theme of Crate Games is training should create value for what you are teaching and good training provides the dog choices. The tone is upbeat throughout and it's clear from the great variety and number of dogs used to demonstrate the concepts that the dogs are having a great time. Whether someone is an agility trainer looking for fun ways to create self control as well as build drive (yes, it can be done!) or a pet owner looking to train a dog to willingly go into their crate at bedtime, Crate Games delivers. Terry Long

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  • 5
    Crate Games

    Posted by Robin L. Davison-Fleury on 8th Feb 2021

    This was the best to watch with my young pup.. Totally practical side effect is a totally crate savvy dog. And a lot of fun to work with.

  • 5
    Crate Games DVD is so awesome!

    Posted by Kyra on 11th Dec 2020

    I’m mostly a book learner of all things dog training but got this DVD to watch with my kiddo who is getting into training. It is GREAT! Highly recommend (I’ve watched it 4 times already!).

  • 5
    Crate Games

    Posted by Professional and encouraging on 6th May 2019

    One of the best DVD's on training that money can buy. Garrett demonstrates training with multiple dogs, discusses the theory behind each step, and explains methods of trouble shooting. A very encouraging video!

  • 5
    Not my first copy of Crate Games

    Posted by Tonya on 2nd Jul 2018

    I end up giving my copy away and having to buy a new one. Every dog should have Crate Games used in their homes, whether sports dog or pet. Teaches the love of the crate (all dogs will be crated at some point), teaches a great sit/stay, teaches self control and relationship building by playing games with their people. If you have a dog who door dashes this is the BEST method to use at each door to prevent door dashing, might safe their life. Crate Games is the first thing I start working with any puppy or dog coming into my home.

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