CTS Obedience Without Conflict #2 - The Game DVD

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Ivan Balabanov
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80 Min.
Canine Training Systems

This production details: 

• "The Game" detailed as the motivational engine behind Ivan's obedience system 

• Utilizing prey motivation while eliminating the negative side effects encountered in other systems 

• teaching the out command as an instrumental exercise 

• creating immediate response to sit and down commands by voice command alone 

• teaching static attention; both two-way and one-way attention 

• teaching the major passive skill of heeling by 'finding the leg' 

• the gymnastic skills of correct left, right and about turns 

• teaching the stand in motion 

• the integration of active and passive exercises into the obedience routine 

A strong emphasis is placed on teaching the dog self control to minimize correction, achieve precision through motivation and signaled non-reward as well as how to respond to cues in an instant which have been isolated to verbal cues alone. Distraction training is taught in this production using Clear Communication as the basis for guiding the dog through obedience training. When to raise criterion and achieving fluency with behaviors is discussed so that each trainer knows when to progress to the next level with their dog. An emphasis is placed on comprehension of skills rather than simply training behaviors. (DVD)