CTS On Target - Training Substance Detector Dogs - Detection 3 DVD

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Randy Hare
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77 min
Canine Training Systems
CTS On Target - Training Substance Detector Dogs - Detection 3 DVD

This third, and final video, in this award-winning series details Randy’s procedure for finishing the detector dog’s education in real world situations while learning the final six objectives. In addition, the training of the passive detection dog is taught in detail using a contact or close acknowledgement response to pinpoint target substance.

This title details:

09) Recognizing additional target substances

10) The Oral and Acknowledgement Game 1

11) The Oral Game 2- Problems of Access and Puzzles

12) Introducing vehicle searches and the Oral Response

13) Including the Final Response in Vehicle searches

14) Building Searches

15) On Leash and Directed Searches

Training the Passive Dog

1) Selecting a good detector dog prospect.

2) Teaching the Target Odor- Reward Association.

3) Conditioning the Final Response.

4 & 5) Teaching the dog to divert his attention from reward to target odor.

6) Teaching the "Contact Response" (The analog to the "Oral Response").

7) Extending the search.

8 & 9) Teaching the dog to ignore distractors and to recognize additional target odors.

10 & 11) The "Contact & Acknowledgement Game" and Problems of access and puzzles.

12 & 13) Introducing vehicle searches with the Contact Response and including the Final Response in vehicle searches.

14 & 15) Building, On Leash and Directed Search