Different Types of Bridges - Creating a Training Language DVD

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Angelica Steinker
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1 hr 12 mins
Tawzer Dog LLC

Learn what a bridging stimulus is and what other types of bridging stimuli are being used in dog sports to communicate and create complicated behavior chains to dogs. Regardless of whether you click or use a verbal marker this presentation will take your understanding of what you can do with a bridging stimulus to the next level. Learn what a tertiary reinforcer is and how it can be useful in pet training. What is a keep going signal and why was it invented. The term intermediate bridge was coined by Kayce Cover and in this presentation it is functionally analyzed and explained. Come join the fun and take your level of bridging stimuli to the next level! 

Workshop Objectives 
• Learn about Bridging Stimuli such as a training technique called the intermediate bridge. 
• Learn about what is a tertiary reinforcer 
• Learn about what is a keep going signal 
• Learn about how they are used and what they teach dogs