Dog-Dog Engagements Between Unfamiliar Dogs - Why It's So Risky Dvd

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and through books and videos.
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Sue Sternberg
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1 hr 51 mins
Tawzer Dog LLC

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DVD 1 hr 51 mins plus a 50 min Demo DVD

In this workshop, you will look at the most common behavior patterns displayed by groups of unfamiliar dogs. These include: Mobbing, Bullying, Targeting, Hunting and Group Chase. Not unlike unsupervised schoolyard kids, dogs can engage in mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive behaviors. Sue uses extensive video footage of dog park observations, and examines why the healthiest play seems to occur between only two dogs and familiar dogs.

Sue Sternberg is the founder and director of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a local not-for-profit open admission animal shelter in upstate New York. Sue is an expert in dog aggression and an innovator in the field of shelter dog welfare, and she develops programs to prevent pet relinquishment and overpopulation, to match families with safe pets, and to help shelters attend to the mental health of the animals in their care. With more than 23 years of experience, she shares her knowledge of dog behavior on radio and television shows, as a popular speaker at national humane and dog training conferences, and through books and videos.

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