Dog Knows: Learning How to Learn from Dogs

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Sindhoor Pangal
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Harper collins India
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Dogs are usually thought of as obedient, loyal animals, but we don’t always pay attention to their wide range of personal¬ity attributes and vast repertoire of communication signals. Dogs not only have advanced and nuanced ways of reaching out to other members of their own species, but have evolved specialized skills to ‘converse’ with humans as well.

Dog Knows navigates the journeys of several dogs, helping us decode the rich, complex social and emotional lives of dogs. What does it mean when a dog is not making eye contact, or is growling slowly? How do street dogs learn to cope with fear or pick up communi¬cation skills and how can our pet dogs learn the same?

Based on behavioural and ethological research, Sindhoor Pangal uses engaging anecdotes to delve into the ancient, deep and often magical bond that dogs and humans share. Dog Knows is a book that any dog lover will want to have on their shelves.

Sindhoor Pangal is an engineer-turned-canine behaviour consultant and canine myotherapist. She is currently the principal and director of the Bangalore-based BHARCS, an academy that educates pet parents and professionals on canine behaviour and ethology.