Dogs Home Alone (Shopworn)

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Roger Abrantes
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What is a shopworn or damaged title?

We often have books that have slight damage to either the cover or the interior of the books that don't allow us to sell them as brand new. If you don't need a brand new looking book, these are a great option. 

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"Home Alone" is the canine behavior problem that we have treated with greatest success. The original program has been modified over the years, but the idea is still the same - to teach the dog slowly but safely, how to be home alone. The program described is standard. Some owners will be completely successful following the program exactly; others will experience improvements; others may have to adapt the program for their individual dog. The program can also be used to prevent the problem from ever showing up. Start with the exercises described from the very first day the puppy enters your home, so he will grow up as a strong dog, self-confident, with the ability to deal with unexpected situations.