Ebook: Behaviorological Rehabilitation and the Criminal Justice System

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Lawrence E. Fraley
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Over the last century, a comprehensive natural science of human behavior has developed. However, that science emerged within a human culture that, since antiquity, has been heavily invested in organized superstitious and mystical alternatives with respect to behavioral phenomena. As a result the natural science of behavior remains largely absent from academic curricula. Few people are thus to study and manage human behavior through this natural science, although doing so would lead expeditiously to solutions for seemingly intractable socio-cultural problems. From this natural science perspective, this book offers a preview of such outcomes by revisiting just one aspect of culture, namely, law and the criminal-justice system. The often-radical differences from traditional practice that emerge in this book reveal how an appropriate natural science can bring a satisfactory end to some long cultural frustrations. The new basic behavior science, along with the naturalistic philosophical foundations that inform it, is known as Behaviorology.