Ebook: Beyond the Last Walk: Saying Goodbye, Navigating Grief, and Healing after the Loss of a Dog

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Pat Blocker and Sarah Pellizzari
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Pat Blocker and Sarah Pellizzari
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In this heartfelt guide, Pat Blocker and Sarah Pellizzari offer a gentle hand to those experiencing the profound loss of a beloved canine companion. "Beyond the Last Walk" serves as a guiding light through the grieving process, offering practical advice, gentle exercises, and heartfelt anecdotes to help you navigate this delicate time. Pat's expertise as a certified professional dog trainer and animal communicator, combined with Sarah's background as a clinical social worker and certified professional dog trainer, creates a unique and comprehensive approach to healing.

With wisdom born from years of experience, Pat and Sarah provide a comforting blend of professional insight and empathetic support. They recognize that the bond between humans and dogs transcends the ordinary, and losing such a cherished friend can be a deeply emotional journey.

Through these pages, you'll find solace, understanding, and a path towards acceptance. Whether you're in the midst of saying goodbye or seeking solace after the fact, this book provides a sanctuary for your grief, offering a companion on your journey towards healing.

Allow "Beyond the Last Walk" to be your lifeline during this sensitive time, reminding you that you are not alone, and that healing is possible. Let Pat Blocker and Sarah Pellizzari's expertise and compassion guide you towards a place of peace and renewal.

Pat Blocker's passion to help people build better dog behavior with empathy and expertise. She is the owner of Peaceful Paws Dog Training and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. In addition to being a CPDT, Pat is an Animal Communicator and owner of the AnimalSpeak.  

Pat currently lives with her two canine behavior experts, Lovely Rita and Helen Wheels. They, and all of their predecessors are her teachers and inspiration for her work.  

Sarah Pellizzari is a professional dog trainer and clinical social worker residing in Colorado Springs, CO. Sarah owns the dog training business, SoCo Pawsitive Dog Training, and the animal assisted therapy pratice Southern Colorado Animal Assisted Therapy. Her current therapy partner is Lira, a 9-year-old golden retriever. In her free time Sarah enjoys hiking, reading, and art. 

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