Ebook: Brain Games For Your Dog: Canine Enrichment Ideas (PDF)

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Kyla Denault
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Easy Breezy Dog Training
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Does your dog have a lot of energy?
Looking for ideas tire them out?

In this book, you will discover a wide range of mentally enriching games you can play with your dog, which will engage their senses, cater to their natural instincts, hone their problem-solving abilities and give them lots of confidence all the while having lots of fun! Kyla Denault is a Professional Dog Trainer, owner and founder of Easy Breezy Dog Training and strongly believes in daily brain games to ensure a happy household!

No matter what personality your dog has, there is a brain game out there for them! Whether they are a sniffer, a shredder, a food-lover or a smarty-pants, these games are designed to get you and your pup bonding and having a great time together. Not only are these games great for your dog, but many of them are free and Easy Breezy to set up!

Over 50 ideas with videos! Invest today for a happier tomorrow!


See what some of Kyla's dog training clients have said about what these brain games have done for their dogs.

“Using that brainpower makes him tired. No mental enrichment = more alcohol for mom. I would need more walks to exhaust his energy. He constantly wants stimulation or he gets into trouble.” Jennifer F. & GusGus, Vizsla tween.

“Every morning before I leave I put some treats in the enrichment toy and she looks forward to it. It helped tremendously with her separation anxiety.” Montana F. & Tilley, Aussiedoodle teenager.