Ebook: Does My Dog Need Prozac? Musings and Sound Advice On Living With A Shy, Anxious, Fearful Or Reactive Dog.

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Debbie Jacobs
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Corner Dog Press
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Debbie Jacobs is the author of the popular A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog. A proponent of force-free and coercion-free training she is the creator of the fearfuldogs.com website. In this book Jacobs explores the challenges many dogs face as they struggle to become pet dogs and the struggles of the people trying to help them. Does My Dog Need Prozac? provides sound advice and compassionate approaches to training special needs dogs.

What experts are saying about Does My Dog Need Prozac?:
"Written by someone who has lived with a fearful dog for years and has helped her dog to make tremendous progress in learning how to live in the real world. This book does exactly as the subtitle says, it provides musings on fearful dogs. This is a valuable source of support for folks who are dealing with fear in their dogs on a regular basis. Debbie Jacobs is a powerhouse on this topic; this book should no be missed."
Ali K. Brown M. Ed, CPDT-KA, CDBC and author of Scaredy Dog and Focus not Fear.

"Debbie Jacobs is one of my primary go-to sources when I need advice about dealing with fearful and / or anxious dogs. Her thoughtful and concise observations have actually, in some ways, changed the way I approach dealing with dogs with anxiety disorders. This book is a must-have for owners of fearful dogs, as is her first book. Debbie's insights are so accurate because she has experienced first-hand the reality of living with a dog that is fearful. Her vast knowledge comes from experience as well as training."
Lorie Huston DVM, Founder- Pet Health Care gazette and author of Labrador Retrievers: How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend