Ebook: Dog Friendly Gardens - Garden Friendly Dogs

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Cheryl Smith
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Dogs and gardens go together naturally.
People love their dogs. They also love their gardens. But sometimes these two passions seem to be in conflict. Let Dog Friendly Gardens, Garden Friendly Dogs show you how to design your garden with your dog in mind and be your guide to dog-friendly landscaping and training efforts.
Not just one more garden design book. Every part of this book shows you how garden design and traditional gardening tasks can blend harmoniously with dog ownership. Not just one more dog training book. Just like a dog can be trained to respect your indoor living space, so too can she be trained to respect the garden and its many features.
Learn how the breed of dog (or mix of breeds) can affect garden behavior. Find out how boundary training, creative use of outdoor equipment and directed digging and elimination can prevent problems before they occur. Author Smith describes materials that work well with dogs as well as plant selections that can withstand even the most energetic canine. She also explains how to have a lush green lawn without harmful chemicals and gives the reader tips for growing fruit and veggies for the entire family including the dog!

Dog trainers and gardeners HOWL about Dog Friendly Gardens
A totally new and brilliant concept! Combine thoughtful garden design with positive dog training and you'll have a happy dog and a successful gardener.
Terry Ryan, Lecturer, Author, The Bark Stops Here

I love this book! If you love flowers and beautiful gardens as well as dogs, this is a wonderful resource. My four dogs and I will be reading it together this weekend.
Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D., Educator, Author, The Other End of the Leash

I've never seen a book like this. Your garden will flourish, and so will your relationship with your dog because you won't be so busy hollering 'stay away!' Smith answers the urgent questions.
Steve Dale, Syndicated newspaper columnist, Contributing Editor USA Weekend, Host "Animal Planet Radio" and "Pet Central" on WGN, Chicago

Cheryl S. Smith, author of nine books and numerous articles on the subject of dogs and gardens also lectures nationally and internationally on dogs and gardens. Her credits include Ortho® garden books, Quick Clicks and The Trick is in the Training, two popular dog training books. She is an award-winning member of the Dog Writers Association, Association of Pet Dog Trainers and Garden Writers Association. Cheryl hosts the radio show PetSmith and shares her Pacific Northwest dog-friendly garden with her own dogs.

What reviewers are saying...

This terrific little book is packed with ideas and suggestions on how to design garden spaces for any yard, big or small, that will please both the resident dogs and people. It will please anybody who loves both plants and pets, and would make a fabulous holiday gift for dog owners whose darlings are not yet garden friendly . Ann Lovejoy, author of Gardening books and columnist

If you have a dog in your garden, this book would be a great addition to your reference library. If not it still offers a useful opportunity to see and analyze your outdoor space from a new, four-legged perspective. Mary Hirshfeld

A thoughtful foray into the twin perfection of home -- woofers and flowers. Whether you want a low maintenance yard or a formal garden, consider her successes and failures before you unleash the hounds . Terry Winkelman,

Dog Friendly Gardens is written by a dog trainer who is also a master gardener. It's full of practical, useable suggestions for designing a dog-safe yard and protecting plants from pooches. Deborah Wood, dog book author and columnist

This book not only offers down-to-earth, dog-friendly (and garden-friendly!) advice, it contains lovely photos that inspire readers of every persuasion. Suggestions on garden design, plant choice, and easy maintenance planning helps readers get the most enjoyment out of both their gardens and their dogs. The book also offers great tips on teaching your dog acceptable garden etiquette--welcome advice from an author who is also a dog trainer. I give it five green-thumbs UP! Amy D. Shojai, author, Complete Care for Your Aging Dog