Ebook: Fetching The Perfect Dog Trainer - Getting The Best for You and Your Dog

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Katenna Jones
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Who should train your dog?
Acquiring a dog, whether a purebred puppy or a shelter rescue, is a big step for most people and fortunately there is a lot of good information available to make a good choice. Deciding who should train your dog is another matter. Unless you have lots of experience training dogs yourself, you probably have not even considered who should train your dog and if you just rely on newspaper ads or business cards left in a vet's office to find a trainer, you may be very disappointed in the outcome. Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer by Katenna Jones presents all of the information you need to know to find the right trainer for you based on your lifestyle and the particular behaviors your dog needs to learn. Your dog is too important to not make the right training decision.

You will learn:
How to evaluate and interview a prospective trainer to know if she is right for your dog.
Red flags to watch for based on what a trainer says and what you observe.
The common characteristics of effective and humane trainers.
About training organizations and their certification programs.
What kind of training you may be able to do on your own and what should be left to a professional.

What experts are saying about Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer:
Finding a good dog trainer is critical to a dog's successful transition into a new home. This guide is a valuable resource for shelters and veterinarians as a way to provide information to their clients in an affordable, easy-to-use format.
Dr. Ian Dunbar, Founder of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Katenna has been doing good things for animals all of her life. This book takes that effort to the next level by continuing education for those on the other end of the leash.
Terry Ryan, author The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog

A clear and accurate guide for consumers trying to navigate this still-unregulated profession. Katenna's book is the Consumer Reports of training and behavior modification. Brava!
Jean Donaldson, Founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers, author Oh Behave!

Katenna Jones has written a true gem. Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer answers all the important questions in finding the most suitable dog trainer for your dog. The book is easy to read and is filled with wonderful examples. A resource that will be cherished and well used!
Aubrey H. Fine Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist, Professor CA State University, Pomona, author The Handbook on Animal Assisted Therapy, Afternoons with Puppy and Give A Dog Your Heart